Heroes do live among us…many of them are us. On February 27, 2021, in the first-ever virtual celebration of this Irish tradition, Father Ryan's 42nd Legacy Gala will salute the Health Care Heroes, featuring the Medical Advisory Committee, as our 2021 Legacy Gala Honorees.

Saluting a Community of Healers
In a time that gave us words and phrases like coronavirus and social-distancing, it has been the healers - the heroes - who have captured our hearts as they have cared for our lives. Father Ryan is proud to announce our 2021 Legacy Gala Honorees - our Health Care Heroes, featuring the Medical Advisory Committee. 

In December 2019, Father Ryan introduced a committee of medical professionals from the Middle Tennessee community to provide important counsel as the school addressed the changing health issues facing our students. At the time, the members of the Father Ryan Medical Advisory Committee were focused on vaping as THE issue for today’s students. Within a month, they were counseling the school on the dangers of the coronavirus and preparing the administration for its best response.

As COVID-19 charts became daily reading, more and more heroes emerged. Many of those heroes were in the front lines of care, responding in ERs and ICU units. Others were scientists who channeled their energy to aid in testing and resource development. Still others were businesspeople who had access to equipment and a committed staff who could make much-needed personal protective equipment. And there were many more who volunteered, who reached out to their neighbors, recently hit by the combination of tornadoes and COVID-19, and provided food, shelter, clothing, and basic encouragement. 

Yes, heroes do live among us, and we look forward to honoring them on February 27, 2021 at the 42nd annual Legacy Gala. 

The Father Ryan Medical Advisory Committee

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