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Oak House

Oak House Crest

Live simply so that others may simply live.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Oak At A Glance

Name: Oak - inspired by the oak doors previously located on the Elliston campus and now used as the Neuhoff Library doors

Color: Chartreuse

Saint: St. Teresa of Calcutta

Catholic Social Teaching: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Father Ryan Oak House System Leadership

House Inspiration

The oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world. It's a symbol of strength, honesty, and knowledge.

It is also a physical and symbolic presence on the Father Ryan campus, connecting both Elliston Place and Norwood Drive.  For the oaken doors that welcome students to the Neuhoff Library today are the same ones that opened the door for generations of students on Elliston Place.  In addition, an oak tree from the Elliston Campus was planted on Norwood Drive on the path to the Blessed Mother Grotto. ‚Äč

Like the oak, our Father Ryan students are nurtured to develop deep roots, a broad presence, a strong character and a lasting impact. 

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Head of House: Natalie Coyne

Father Ryan Oak Head of House Natalie Coyne

House Saint: Saint Teresa of Calcutta

St. Teresa of Calcutta Oak House Saint

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