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House System

6 Houses. All Irish.

At the heart of Father Ryan's student life is our House System, dedicated to developing peer-to-peer mentoring, leadership opportunities, and spiritual development. Since the House System's implementation in 2020, this tradition creates new ways for our students to be known and loved.

The House System tagline, "6 Houses. All Irish.," references each student's membership within one of six Houses (Elliston, Emerald, Immaculata, Norwood, Oak, Trinity); these Houses come together to form one Irish Community.

Each House is named after a significant part of Father Ryan's history. Father Ryan is built on a history of tradition, and our House System deepens and enriches this experience while providing opportunities for our students to develop new traditions. 

House System student leaders with crests

Forming Student Leaders

Upon entering Father Ryan, students are placed in a House. Houses are separated into seven Mentor Groups, each consisting of 20-25 students from all grades and two to three faculty or staff Mentor Teachers. Mentor Groups meet every day and stay together throughout their four years, fostering strong relationships among peers and mentors.




Mentor Groups


Leadership Opportunities



Father Ryan Student Mallory Garland

Mallory Garland '24 | Emerald

"Coming to Father Ryan, I quickly found my place in this community. Participating in things like the House System has taught me leadership skills that will help me succeed in my future. My favorite part about being a student at Father Ryan is being encouraged to grow mentally, spiritually, and socially."

Father Ryan Student Luke Carroll

Luke Carroll '24 | Oak

"Father Ryan has made a difference in my life by improving my relationship with Christ every day. I’ve also had the opportunity to create strong friendships from the camaraderie between each grade, each House, and the entire House System. These relationships create a great atmosphere."

Father Ryan Student Kailey Nicholson

Kailey Nicholson '24 | Elliston

"I chose to attend Father Ryan because both my parents and my brother attended Father Ryan, and I wanted to continue that legacy. I have been challenged academically and socially to come out of my shell through the classroom environment and the House System."

House System Benefits

  • Strengthens Father Ryan community
  • Develops student leaders
  • Creates meaningful relationships across grade levels
  • Provides mentorship opportunities
  • Engages students in campus life
  • Establishes academic and personal accountability
  • Cultivates school spirit and healthy competition
  • Supports social and emotional growth
  • Provides faith and service opportunities
  • Strengthens Father Ryan traditions
Irish Cup Winners 2023 Elliston House
Elliston House Captains Hold Irish Cup

Irish Cup

Throughout the year, the House System fosters competive spirit as students strive to win the Irish Cup. Father Ryan's Irish Cup is awarded at the end of each year to the House that receives the most points from academic, athletic, artistic, and service events. Point opportunities includes House Games, Spirit Week, Canned Food Drive, Spelling Bee, Fishing Tournament, Video Game Tournament, and more. 

2022-23 Irish Cup Champions: Elliston House

Meet the Houses

Elliston House Crest
Emerald House Crest
Immaculata House Crest
Norwood House Crest
Oak House Crest
Trinity House Crest

House System Events & Activities

House Games

Once a semester, students compete in House Games. Events range from SpikeBall and Ultimate Frisbee to Karaoke and Chess.


Service Day

One House travels off campus each semester to volunteer with local organizations in Nashville to give back to the community. The remaining five Houses complete service projects on campus.


Mentor Group

Mentor Groups gather every day for 20 minutes to build relationships by playing games and learning about their peers and Mentor Teachers.


Spirit Week

Students show their creativity each semester by dressing up for Spirit Week to win House Points. From BBQ Dads vs. Soccer Moms to Decades Day, our students always dress to impress!


Canned Food Drive

Our annual Canned Food Drive is a staple to the Father Ryan experience. In 2023, our students collected 9,847 cans and $5,562 to help feed the Nashville community.


Fishing Tournament

The Father Ryan pond is the perfect location for our House System Fishing Tournament! We love seeing students and teachers fishing together before and after school.


Feast Day

Each House is represented by a saint and celebrates the saint's Feast Day by gathering for Mass in the morning and enjoying food in the courtyard during Mentor Group. 


Showtime Talent Showcase

Students take the stage every year to show their musical talents and compete for House Points at Showtime.


Video Game Tournament

Students compete in Video Game Tournaments to represent their House and help win points.


Powderpuff Football Tournament

Led by student coaches, the Powderpuff Tournament is another chance for each House to win points. 


Dodgeball Tournament

Students and teachers gather in the gym to cheer on their House every year during the Dodgeball Tournament.


Homecoming Court

Students vote for one Junior and Senior to represent their House on the Homecoming Court.


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Father Ryan House Games

Father Ryan Director of Houses Amy Duke

 Amy Duke

Director of Houses