Student Digital Learning Resources
“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” 
-Saint Padre Pio 
To help make this journey smooth, we will follow these guidelines As new strategies, technologies, and learning models emerge we may add to this list. The tips and tools offered below identify specific actions that can be taken to support digital learning.  Click on the topics below to learn more.
Student Responsibilities for Meaningful Engagement through Digital Learning

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  • General Expectations

    To help make this journey smooth, we will follow the guidelines listed below As new strategies, technologies, and learning models emerge, we may add to this list.
    • We will follow our normal A/B day rotation, beginning Wednesday, March 25 with a B day.
    • Students must log in to myFatherRyan daily to receive instruction and assignments from teachers.
    • Students should spend approximately 45 minutes per class each day in the instruction phase of each class. Homework and outside reading will be assigned outside of this time.
    • Teachers will take and submit attendance for each class based on work completed and submitted.
    • Lessons will be posted to myFatherRyan by 8:00am daily for every class.
    • Students may be asked by their teachers to complete work independently or collaboratively.
    • Assessments will still be administered. Completion of these assessments requires that students adhere to the tenets of the Father Ryan Integrity Code.
    • Student work will be graded, and the grades will be entered by teachers into myFatherRyan. 
    The above list is not exhaustive.  
  • Attendance Required

    When lessons are scheduled to be delivered through digital means, attendance is still required. Teachers will track virtual attendance in a variety of ways, and technology tools facilitate the confirmation of a student's participation in virtual learning. Teachers can identify who is in attendance by whether they: 

    • Complete assignments
    • Maintain communication through the sending and receiving of myFatherRyan messages and emails from student Father Ryan email accounts.
    • Participate in online discussions
    • Upload images, documents, videos, etc. documenting their learning, as assigned and/or requested by the teacher
    • Attend a virtual class
    *The above list is not exhaustive.
  • Follow Student Technology Usage Policy and Expectations

    When anyone engages online, it's essential that everyone behaves appropriately. Father Ryan High School students must follow the school's Student Technology Usage Policy found in the Parent/Student Handbook on pages 72-74.

    As a quick reminder, when you are online, be sure to:
    • Use respectful behavior and language
    • Stick to appropriate topic discussions
    • Send only appropriate video transmissions
    • Use only appropriate icon, emoji, and avatar submissions
    • Wear school-appropriate clothing if you are attending meetings via video or submitting videos to teachers
    • Adhere to the Father Ryan Integrity Code
    • Not falsify information about yourself or impersonate others online
    *The above list is not exhaustive.

    When everyone remembers to act kindly, show consideration for others, and treat one another online as you wish to be treated in person, the focus will be on learning. 
  • Stay Informed Via myFatherRyan

    When you learn virtually, you will need to check myFatherRyan every day for information from your teachers and other adults about coursework, lessons, and/or content.  These accounts are managed and monitored by Father Ryan High School. 
  • Establish a Learning Routine & Space

    Here are some things to think about when you engage in digital learning: 
    • Have a daily routine. Stick to it.
    • Ask your parent or another important adult to help you develop your schedule if you need assistance.
    • Be sure your routine includes breaks, time to be active, and time to eat. 
    Create your learning space in a shared area of your home such as the kitchen table, a large kitchen counter, or a desk in a living room or family room. The reality is that when your learning space is separate from your bedroom and distanced from the television, it triggers your brain that the space is for work and not play. You really will be more productive. And, like it or not, an online learning space in a shared area allows the adult(s) in your home to readily support your learning while also monitoring your online activity. Be sure your learning space includes what you need to learn.

    You will need:
    • your computer 
    • paper, pencils and/or pens
    • tools to help you with math, like a calculator  
    • paper, pencils and/or pens
    • tools to help you with math, like a calculator  
    • your textbooks, composition notebooks, or any other curriculum materials that your teacher provides. 

  • Share Your Learning With Your Teachers

    Teachers will post all lessons and assignments for each day by 8:00am.  Work that is required to be submitted and is assigned a due date will be due by 11:59pm on the posted due date. 
    All Father Ryan students should check their myFatherRyan accounts daily for messages from their teacher(s) about learning expectations.  
    Students may be asked to do the following by their teachers: 
    • Complete an assessment through myFatherRyan 
    • Complete an assessment or assignment through another online program supported by Father Ryan 
    • Submit a document or file through myFatherRyan 
    • Take a picture of their work and upload it into myFatherRyan or email it to their teacher from their Father Ryan email
    • Record a video that shows how they are able to do something;
    • Email a message summarizing their learning or upload this to myFatherRyan 
    • Engage in an online discussion, class, or chat session through myFatherRyan or another online program supported by Father Ryan 
    The above list is not exhaustive. 
  • Build a Daily Schedule

    Learning in a digital learning environment is just as challenging and rigorous as a day of learning in the classroom. Learning just happens in a different place. As in school, your daily schedule might be a bit different on each day of the week.  Learning to manage your time in this environment will be excellent preparation for your university experience. There will be certain things such as your stretch and nutrition breaks as well as your lunchtime that you'll probably want to keep consistent. What might change are the times you engage in digital learning. The more time you spend learning virtually, the more you'll know about what works best for you in terms of keeping focused and on task.
    • Design a plan for each week and stick with it.
    • Be careful not to underestimate the time you will need to complete assignments.  Your time management skills will be put to the test just like when you made the adjustment to Block Scheduling for the first time. 
    Your success is dependent on your ability to be an active participant in your own learning and to communicate with your teachers early and often if you have any trouble. Remember, your teachers want you to succeed and are here to help. 
  • Be an Active Learner and Advocate for Your Learning Needs

    Getting used to a digital learning environment and participating in virtual learning might take a little time and require some adjustment. Some people will love it right away, others might need some time to get used to it.  If you're an "early adopter," be patient and remain kind to those who will take longer to adjust to a virtual learning environment. If you're one of the people who isn't as comfortable with technology or online learning as your peers, it's okay. Stay positive. Be persistent.  

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  • Campus Ministry

    This time provides us with a unique opportunity to grow spiritually and requires of us faith, hope, and love.

    • We have the opportunity to pray for those who are most directly affected, especially the poor and vulnerable.
    • We can also pray for the souls of those who have died.
    • We can cast our cares upon the Lord, who loves us more than we know and who will never abandon us in our time of need.

    During this Lenten season, you may want to consider utilizing one or more of the resources below:

    First, you can access a brief daily video from our Chaplain, Fr. Simpson, on the Campus Ministry webpage to start each day with morning prayer as a community. Campus Ministry

    For daily readings, click here.

    To participate in Father Simpson's Mass virtually, click here.

    To pray the rosary online, click here.

    If you have a pastoral need, contact our Dean of Campus Ministry and Student Life Mrs. Elfers or our Chaplain Fr. Simpson.  

  • Clubs, Organizations and Athletics

    As directed by the Bishop, all school activities, athletic practices and competitions through April 24, 2020, are canceled.

    The life of our school includes many facets, including clubs, organizations, and athletics. While we may not be able to be together by proximity, be sure to continue to remain in contact with your club moderators and coaches as a way to continue to socialize virtually, remain connected, and be prepared for a return when this period of physical separation is over.

    Our coaches and trainers encourage our athletes to stay in shape during this time while practicing the charitable gift of social distancing. Coach Feldman and Coach Sharp share the belief that your physical formation is extremely important during this time. Be on the lookout for team workouts for our student-athletes from their respective coaches. 

    For more information about clubs and organizations, contact Michelle Mast, Student Activities Director, at

    For more information on athletics, contact Ann Mullins '03, Director of Athletics, at

    Go Irish!
  • College Counseling - Updated

    We remain excited and ready to support our graduating seniors  during this important time in their preparation for life beyond the halls and campus of Father Ryan.  With the recent physical closing of college and university campuses around the country our students may feel even more anxiety about next steps and communicating with their future school. 

    We also know our juniors are planning college visits and preparing for ACTs and SATs. Many of these tests have been rescheduled, and we encourage these students to visit the College Board website for updates. College Board

    If you have additional questions regarding your status or wish to discuss college admissions with your college counselor, please contact them directly.

    Office Hours:

    Christina Williams: office hours 9:00-11:00am. Available for scheduling a phone or video call from 12:00-2:00pm.

    Adrienne Spraggins: office hours 1:00-3:00pm.  Available for scheduling a phone call or video call from 9:00-11:00am.
    Meghan Nordman: office hours 9:00-11:00am. Available for scheduling a phone call or video call from 12:00-2:00pm.

    Christina Williams:
    Adrienne Spraggins:
    Meghan Nordman:

    The College Counseling Department page of our website will continue to be updated with resources and information for students and families. College Counseling Department
  • Personal Counseling - Updated

    During this time of digital learning, Father Ryan’s Personal Counseling Department will be available to support students’ emotional needs. If your student has an emergent counseling need, we encourage you to contact your student’s primary care physician or outside provider first. All other inquiries can be directed to Rhonda Jones, Director of Personal Counseling, at  

    The Personal Counseling Department page of our website will continue to be updated with resources and information for students and families. Personal Counseling Department
  • Technology Support

    We all recognize that in the digital learning environment devices and connectivity may not always perform to meet our expectations and needs.  We anticipate these challenges, but want to make sure that students can focus on learning.

    If you are experiencing any difficulties with your Father Ryan laptop and/or Father Ryan's digital learning environment, please complete and submit the form below. Mrs. McGowan will review this and follow up with you directly to solve the problem or direct you to the best person to handle the issue. 

    FRHS Student Technology Help Ticket

Digital Learning FAQs

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  • What will the daily schedule for digital classes look like?

    Our digital learning schedule will mirror our familiar A and B day rotation.

    All classes will resume on Wednesday, March 25 as a B day.
  • How will classes "meet"?

    Teachers will post assignments every day for every class by 8:00am. 

    Students will log in to myFatherRyan to access digital content and materials.

    Students must complete and submit assignments by 11:59pm on the designated due date.
  • Will all classes meet virtually?

    All classes that earn credit will meet. The only class that will not meet is Study Hall.
  • When will teachers be available for questions about assignments?

    All teachers will have posted office hours when students can contact them for any questions, help or clarifications, as needed.  You can find these office hours posted on the Bulletin Board of each class page.
  • How will accommodations be delivered for students in our Cooperative and Academic Support Programs?

    Our Cooperative and Academic Support Programs remains an integral part of Father Ryan's learning community.  For specific questions about your student, please contact Ann Arnold, Coordinator of Cooperative and Academic Support Programs, at
  • Will AP courses be affected by digital learning?

    The College Board is the governing body for AP courses. Please click here to see the latest information from The College Board.
  • Whom do I contact if I have concerns about a class?

    As indicated in the Parent Student Handbook, questions about your student's academic progress should always be first directed to the teacher of the specific class. If you need further assistance, please contact the department chair. Finally, you may contact Academic Dean Jennifer Anton with any outstanding issues.
  • NEW - What will we do about service hours?

    In light of the necessity of social distancing in order to slow the spread of this virus, all service-learning requirements have been postponed indefinitely. Please do not attempt to serve in the community during digital learning or worry about completing this requirement at this time – this decision may be revised at a later date. A commitment to social distancing is currently the best way to serve those who are poor and vulnerable. Instead, we invite you to consider being intentional about serving your own family at home, an ultimate goal of the Father Ryan High School Service Curriculum.

    “If you want to change the world go home and love your family” – St. Teresa of Calcutta
  • NEW - What if I don't have Internet access at my home?

    Please make sure you have communicated this issue to your teachers.  There are some Internet providers who offer discounts for qualified households. Xfinity from Comcast has a special offer that provides two free months of Internet service, if you qualify.  To learn more and to apply, click here. Frontier Communications also has a discounted Internet service for qualified Tennesseans. Learn more here.