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The Father Ryan English Department offers a reading and writing-based curriculum that strives to foster both intellectual and moral thoughtfulness among its students in preparation for meeting the challenges and demands of their future post-secondary studies, professional occupations, and personal lives. The English curriculum aspires to the following:

  • Life-long appreciation and love for reading
  • Effective, original communication in the written and spoken word
  • Mastery of grammar and language usage
  • Creative, critical, and analytical thinking, writing, and speech
  • Close reading: literal & figurative reading comprehension
  • Research: using and citing sources to present and argue a thesis
  • Biblical and Classical allusion recognition and meaning
  • Exposure to a wide and dynamic range of literary authors, genres, perspectives, movements, and cultures throughout history to the present day. 

Department Preview:

  • Two Advanced Placement Courses
  • Journalism-Newspaper
  • Military Literature of the World Wars
  • Mythology
  • Women's Voices in Literature


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