Parent Digital Learning Resources
"If God is for us, who can be against us?"
-Romans 8:31
Digital Learning requires that parents consider many factors. Specifically, parents have the responsibility to support their student's meaningful engagement in learning through digital learning. The tips and tools offered below identify specific actions that can be taken to support digital learning.

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With the addition of the new House System, Father Ryan’s school day changed for 2020-2021. The school day now begins at 7:40am and ends at 2:55pm.
Parent Responsibility for Meaningful Engagement through Digital Learning

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  • General Classroom Expectations

    • Students must be in uniform per current guidelines for each class (see the Parent/Student Handbook for more information). Young men are not permitted to wear ties at this time. Unlike on-campus students, masks are not required for students logging in from home.
    • Students must be logged in to class on time each class period via Microsoft Teams video conferencing (see Technological Requirements below for new Teams protocols) and remain engaged for the full class period per the bell schedule below:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
    7:40 - 9:05am
    Block 1
    9:05 - 9:50am
    Break/Mentor Groups
    9:55 - 11:20am
    Block 2
    11:25am - 1:25pm
    Block 3 and Lunch
    1:30 - 2:55pm
    Block 4
    11:25 - 11:55am
    11:55am - 12:25pm
    12:25 - 12:55pm
    12:55 - 1:25pm
    Lunch Rotations

    Wednesday Only:
    8:00 - 9:25am
    Period 1/Period 5
    9:30 - 9:50am
    House Mentor Group
    9:55 - 11:20am
    Period 2/Period 6
    11:25am - 1:25pm
    Period 3/Period 7
    1:30 - 2:55pm
    Period 4/Period 8
    11:25 - 11:55am
    11:55am - 12:25pm
    12:25 - 12:55pm
    12:55 - 1:25pm
    Lunch Rotations

    Exceptions include:
    • Physical education and strength training classes will post workouts for students to complete during the class period or asynchronously before the prescribed due date.
    • Mrs. Hoots will visit Theology I and II classes throughout the year. Digital learners will not be required to log in to the class on those visit days and will instead work asynchronously on the assigned classwork and homework.
    • Students enrolled in Study Hall will check in remotely with the digital study hall supervisor. They may use this time to work on assignments or seek extra help from teachers, librarians, academic support personnel, or other staff.
    • Students must be on camera and visible to the teacher at all times.
    • Students are expected to actively engage in class following the instructions provided by the teacher.
    • Mentor Group is a key component of the House System. Digital learners are expected to be present and engaged in activities and discussions that take place during Mentor Group just as they would participate in a traditional class.
    • It is important for digital learners to advocate for themselves and speak up promptly if they experience problems in the classroom so the teacher can address the issue (can’t hear the instructor, can’t see the board, or other problems).
  • Attendance

    • Attendance will be taken based on the student’s virtual presence in class at the synchronous learning times each day. If a student must miss class for any reason, the parent should contact the Attendance Office (615-783-0246) with the reason.
    • Students are responsible for reaching out to the instructor and making up any missed work by the teacher’s prescribed deadline. 
    • The school must assume that students who choose Digital Learning are doing so to keep their students and families safe. For this reason, Digital Learning students will not participate in any on-campus activities during the semester (such as athletic events, House games, club competitions).
  • Academic Expectations

    • Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of learning targets by participating in class (direct instruction, group discussions, and others) via Microsoft TEAMS, completing assignments in a timely manner, and promptly seeking help from the instructor and/or other learning resources when needed. Students will be able to get immediate feedback from teachers and other students as they participate together in this online environment.
    • Digital learners will be paired with an on-campus student (“Ryan Representative”) in each class to better facilitate interactions with the instructor. The students, along with the instructor, will be present in the Microsoft TEAMS video conferencing platform, allowing the digital learner to hear and participate freely in class communications. The digital learner will be able to submit questions and feedback through the chat feature in Microsoft TEAMS which the “Ryan Rep” will relay to the teacher.
    • Students should check assignments in myFatherRyan regularly, just as they would if they were on campus.
    • Students may be required to participate in virtual office hours or other periodic meetings with instructors and/or academic support professionals outside of the traditional class period to ensure appropriate progress.
    • Digital learners will earn grades in the typical way. In some classes, students may be required to complete assessments in a monitored virtual environment overseen by a testing proctor or a learning support specialist. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a time with the appropriate proctor prior to the test date. The student should message Mrs. Suzie Barry, Digital Learner Contact or his/her assigned learning support specialist to schedule a time.
    • For those of you who have Study Halls, an Academic Team Member will be using that time to briefly check in with you to see how things are going, so please log in to that class TEAM as you would a regular class. You will not meet every Study Hall and will discuss this further at our initial meeting. For students who do not have Study Halls, an Academic Team Member will be setting up periodic TEAMS meetings or calls. Again, please check your messages regularly.
  • Behavioral Expectations

    • Students are expected to collaborate respectfully with peers as they would in a traditional classroom setting.
    • Students must follow the same academic and behavioral expectations as outlined in the Father Ryan Parent/Student Handbook, including the Personal Integrity Code and the Student Technology Usage Policy. Digital learners not adhering to school policies are subject to infractions and consequences equitable to detentions as outlined in the Father Ryan Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Follow Student Technology Usage Policy and Expectations

    When anyone engages online, it's essential that everyone behaves appropriately. Father Ryan High School students must follow the school's Student Technology Usage Policy found in the Parent/Student Handbook on pages 72-74.

    As a quick reminder, when you are online, be sure to:
    • Use respectful behavior and language
    • Stick to appropriate topic discussions
    • Send only appropriate video transmissions
    • Use only appropriate icon, emoji, and avatar submissions
    • Wear school-appropriate clothing if you are attending meetings via video or submitting videos to teachers
    • Adhere to the Father Ryan Integrity Code
    • Not falsify information about yourself or impersonate others online.
    The above list is not exhaustive.

    When everyone remembers to act kindly, show consideration for others, and treat one another online as you wish to be treated in person, the focus will be on learning. 
  • Technological Requirements

    • Students are expected to have a fully charged laptop that meets Father Ryan’s minimum specifications ( as well as a reliable internet connection to access electronic textbooks, the Father Ryan learning management system, and the Microsoft TEAMS video conferencing platform.
    • Students experiencing technical difficulties should immediately complete a FRHS student technology help ticket at and message the instructor about the technical interruption.
    • Students must use their Father Ryan-issued email account or the Father Ryan messaging system for all school communications. Personal email accounts may not be used.
    • Due to some recent updates and enhancements to Microsoft TEAMS, the program might look a bit different than it did fourth quarter (for returning students). For example, instead of clicking on a link to “Join a Microsoft TEAMS meeting,” you may see a purple “Join” button in the top right corner of your screen for individual meetings.
      Since we are now in a synchronous digital learning environment, Father Ryan has already set up TEAMS or groups for each of your classes to assist you. When you open Microsoft TEAMS and click on the TEAMS icon in the gray toolbar on the left, you’ll see a TEAM for each of your classes. When the class start time is reached, you should see a purple banner appear across the bottom of your screen to “Join Now.” Just click the link, and you’ll enter your classroom environment.
    • You may see two instances of your classes, one for first semester and one for second semester. This is a result of the import of class rosters from myFatherRyan and is no indication that you will be a digital learner second semester. Your teachers have renamed the groups and added the class period to the title so you know which one to select. To declutter your list of TEAMS and to prevent you from logging in to the wrong instance, you can right click on the second semester TEAM to “hide” it or use the three dots beside the TEAM to select Hide.
    • Depending on where in your home you may be logging in to class, we want to ensure that you are focused and free from distractions and background noise. Please utilize headphones or ear buds when logged into your classes. We have learned that this will also improve audio quality on your end and the school’s. If you do not have headphones or ear buds, please reach out to me in a separate message or email.
  • Support Services

    Digital learners have access to Father Ryan support services as needed. Students may email or message the appropriate office contact with their request. Services may be provided via email, phone, or video conferencing via Microsoft TEAMS.If parents have a concern regarding their child’s progress in the Digital Learning environment, they should follow the steps (in order) listed below:
    • Guide or encourage the student to handle the issue. This is an important part of learning to communicate with adults and resolve issues independently.
    • Parents should call or message the teacher.
    • Parents should call or message the appropriate administrator for the following:

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  • Campus Ministry

    This time provides us with a unique opportunity to grow spiritually and requires of us faith, hope, and love.

    • We have the opportunity to pray for those who are most directly affected, especially the poor and vulnerable.
    • We can also pray for the souls of those who have died.
    • We can cast our cares upon the Lord, who loves us more than we know and who will never abandon us in our time of need.
    For daily readings, click here.

    To pray the rosary online, click here.

    If you have a pastoral need, contact our Chaplain Fr. Simpson.  

  • House Participation

    Father Ryan’s House System officially began with the start of the 2020-2021 school year. This new experience will foster a caring and supportive environment, where students from all grades will have more opportunities to lead, collaborate, and contribute. Mentor Groups are important aspects of the House System.

    They present regular opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring as well as mentoring with adult House leaders. The Mentor Group meetings are now part of the new daily bell schedule. All students — whether they are in Digital Learning or In-Person Learning — will be required to attend these daily meetings.
  • Clubs, Organizations and Athletics

    Students participating in digital learning for the fall 2020 semester may be members of, and participate in, virtual club and organization meetings.

    However, those students in digital learning are not allowed to participate in any ON-CAMPUS extracurricular or athletic programs.
  • College Counseling

    We remain excited and ready to support our juniors and seniors  during this important time in their preparation for life beyond the halls and campus of Father Ryan.

    We will continue to support seniors virtually as they finish applying for admission, and for scholarships and financial aid. We will kick off the college admissions process with our juniors at our Virtual Junior Family College Night program on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:30pm. All juniors and junior parents are encouraged to attend, especially if this is the family’s first time going through the college process. Then we will schedule individual (virtual) meetings with each
    of our junior families (students and parent(s)) to address their individual questions and concerns.

    If you have additional questions regarding your status or wish to discuss college admissions with your college counselor, please contact them directly.

    Office Hours:

    Christina Williams: office hours 9:00-11:00am. Available for scheduling a phone or video call from 12:00-2:00pm.

    Adrienne Spraggins: office hours 1:00-3:00pm.  Available for scheduling a phone call or video call from 9:00-11:00am.
    Meghan Nordman: office hours 9:00-11:00am. Available for scheduling a phone call or video call from 12:00-2:00pm.

    Christina Williams:
    Adrienne Spraggins:
    Meghan Nordman:

    The College Counseling Department page of our website will continue to be updated with resources and information for students and families. College Counseling Department
  • Personal Counseling

    During this time of digital learning, Father Ryan’s Personal Counseling Department will be available to support students’ emotional needs. If your student has an emergent counseling need, we encourage you to contact your student’s primary care physician or outside provider first. All other inquiries can be directed to Rhonda Jones, Director of Personal Counseling, at  

    The Personal Counseling Department page of our website will continue to be updated with resources and information for students and families. Personal Counseling Department
  • Technology Support

    We all recognize that in the digital learning environment devices and connectivity may not always perform to meet our expectations and needs. We anticipate these challenges, but want to make sure that students can focus on learning.

    If you are experiencing any difficulties with your Father Ryan laptop and/or Father Ryan's digital learning environment, please complete and submit the form below. Mrs. McGowan will review this and follow up with you directly to solve the problem or direct you to the best person to handle the issue. 

    FRHS Student Technology Help Ticket
  • Library Services

    Contact our Library Media Specialists Cheri McGowan ( and Christy Foreman ( if you need assistance with Library databases, e-books, NoodleTools or any library resources. 
    Office Hours:
    Monday through Friday,  9:00 - 11:00am and 1:00 - 3:00pm
    The Library webpage can be found on the Resource Board by clicking on the Library tile or at

Digital Learning FAQs

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