When comparing coeducation vs. single gender education, you'll find a wealth of contradictory information.

However, at Father Ryan, we believe boys and girls learn better because they learn together!  They succeed together.  They lead together.  The majority of national studies confirm this.  

*National Association of Independent Schools

Studies also show gender inclusion has an impact in areas as wide-ranging as bullying prevention, academic motivation, and corporate innovation.*
Over the last 10 years here, as many girls as boys have earned Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors.  The student leadership of our school---whether government, co-curricular programs and classes--is consistently coeducational.

And in an analysis of acceptances by last year's graduates to 46 top national and state universities--such as Harvard, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Boston College and UNC--our girls were accepted to 39 of these schools and our boys to 35.

The Advantages of Co-education

For women and men to be equal partners in both the home and workplace, they need to be raised and educated in a truly gender-inclusive way, where both sexes learn through repeated experience how to respect, collaborate with, and lead each other.

Critical thinking skills are hard to develop when you spend all your time around people who are just like you.

Innovation is an interactive process that often involves communication and interaction among employees in a firm and draws on their different qualities from all levels of the organization. The econometric analysis reveals a positive relation between diversity in education and gender on the likelihood of introducing an innovation. 

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