Jennifer St. Jacques, mother of Renee '18 and Noelle '14

"Our daughters attended public school through eighth grade. While we were happy with the education that they received, we were concerned that when they moved to high school, they would get 'lost' as one of 500 freshman. The faculty and staff at Father Ryan are committed to knowing each child while discovering and building on their strengths and supporting the parents' job of raising children to make moral choices based on their faith."

Steps to Apply

List of 6 items.

  • Step 1: Application

    The application process begins with a complete Application accompanied by an $85 application fee. Click below to open the 2017-2018 Online Admissions Application.

    Complete the Freshman Online Admissions Application

    Complete the Transfer Student Online Admissions Application
  • Step 2: Placement Test

    All 8th grade applicants must take a high school placement test given at Father Ryan. This test is mandatory and will help determine your placement in Father Ryan’s academic program.
    Sign up for one of two placement exam days. Remember your application must be completed and submitted by the Thursday before your scheduled exam day.

    The placement test will be offered on: October 15, 2016, or November 5, 2016. Please arrive by 7:45 a.m. on your scheduled test date. The test should conclude by 11:45 a.m.

    Please note:

    Cooperative or Academic Support Applicants: If you are applying to the Cooperative Support program or for Academic Support and have had any psycho-educational evaluations, you must submit a full copy of the testing report by mail.
    For more information on the Cooperative or Academic support programs, click here.
    If you are applying for Cooperative or Academic Support, our placement test will be offered with extended time on the November test date ONLY.

    International Applicants: If you are an applicant whose citizenship is that of a non-English speaking country, you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Father Ryan’s TOEFL code is 1953. Please visit for more information.
  • Step 3: Recent Grades and Transcripts

    Please submit the Records Release Form to your current school requesting that the items listed below be sent to Father Ryan High School no later than November 11, 2016:
    • Copy of 1st Quarter grades for 8th grade
    • Copy of previous year report card
    • Standardized testing taken in the current year and/or previous year
    • Transcript (needs to be requested if you are a transfer student only)
  • Step 4: Teacher Recommendations

    Complete the appropriate portion of the four Recommendation Forms within your application by providing the email addresses of the teachers, counselors, and administrators to whom you want these sent. The recommendations will need to be submitted by those completing them no later than November 11, 2016.

    Download the School Administrator Recommendation Form
    Download the Current English Teacher Recommendation Form
    Download the Current Math Teacher Recommendation Form
    Download the Current Science Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Step 5: Interview and Scheduling

    Personal Interview: You will be contacted by the Office of Admissions to schedule an interview. The interview is a required step in the application process, and it is an opportunity for Father Ryan to get to know you, your interests and anything else you feel is important for the Admissions Office to know.

    Scheduling: During the interview, you will sit down with an academic advisor to discuss and plan a tentative class schedule for the upcoming school year.

    Registration Fee: Completing the application requires payment of the $450 annual registration fee. This fee is non-refundable unless you are not admitted to Father Ryan High School. Payment of this fee does not guarantee admission to the school. The registration fee, if you are admitted, will give your student priority in scheduling his or her classes. Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions regarding the fee.
  • Step 6: Baptismal Certificate

    If the applicant is Catholic, please email a copy of your child's Baptismal Certificate to Erin Vallett, Registrar, at
There is not a required order for completing the application process, and several steps may be completed simultaneously.

Deciding on your high school is that first step toward adulthood, the beginning of a journey about education and growth and opportunities. It is a step filled with questions.
Will I fit in?
Will I make friends?
Can I do the work?
At Father Ryan the answers come quickly and easily in every area—academics, the arts, faith, sports and service. And all of those answers are wrapped in a very simple but very powerful message of acceptance and support. You will be known; you will be loved—for who you are, for what you do and who you become.
We understand that finding the best fit for your child to grow and learn can be a trying time for your family. Let us help guide you through this journey. Below you will find our step-by-step guide to walk you through what you need to know. And, of course, we are just a phone call away.
If you would like more information about Father Ryan before applying, you can request an information packet, which includes our View Book, by filling out a Request Info form or by calling the Admissions Office at 615-383-4200.

Scheduling and Interview Presentation

This presentation, given by Sara Hayes, Vice Principal and Academic Dean at Father Ryan, at our Prospective Parent Meeting on November 3, takes an in-depth look at the day to day classes and activites that go on at Father Ryan while explaining the details of the interview and scheduling processes for potential students. Now is your time to see what opportunities are available for your student at Father Ryan High School.