Congratulations on your student’s achievement in qualifying to test for the Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program). As you know, the purpose of the Duke TIP is to identify academic strengths, abilities, and interests as they begin their journey into adolescence. TIP can also be of assistance in determining how advanced your student’s abilities and skills are and what level of educational challenge is appropriate for him or her. 

We would like to offer to your student an opportunity to take a seminar on test preparation. This is not just for the early ACT; it will benefit your student on all standardized testing. As you may know, we offer a course in ACT/SAT Test Preparation here at Father Ryan. Our excellent teacher of that course, Mrs. Paula Harris, has offered to break down some of the most important elements to being prepared for standardized testing. Our goal here is to remove obstacles that are common to first-time takers of the ACT, as well as provide the following:
  • In-class learning of test-taking strategies 
  • Study tools students need to practice on their own 
  • Demonstration of online practice tools 
Mrs. Harris has been very successful in preparing our students for testing: The top 20% of our most recent graduates earned an average of 32 on the ACT. Twenty-four students were recognized last year for perfect scores on sections of the ACT and SAT. In addition, twelve students in our current senior class have been recognized by the National Merit Corporation for their scores on the PSAT.

The next seminar is on January 28th, with a snow day of February 4th, for the February 11th test date. There is no charge for this at all.

Click the button in the sidebar to register for the seminar. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity!