Father Ryan’s 2:1 program is designed to provide an extended learning initiative for our students and a heightened teaching environment for our faculty.

Every student must bring with them to school a laptop computer. Father Ryan is a Microsoft 365 Cloud-based school. This 2:1 program will not allow Apple computers. Using a single platform provides benefits in curriculum, planning, security, service and training, both for our students and our IT Department. Using Microsoft enables the school to do the following:
  • Standardize curriculum materials that fit the Microsoft platform
  • Use existing anti-virus software that is Microsoft specific
  • Connect users to our Microsoft printers
  • Train our tech staff on one system to respond quickly and accurately to any problems
The minimum specifications for a Father Ryan student’s computer are the following:
  • Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 or Higher
  • Intel I5 Core processor (or equivalent)
  • 8GB RAM or Higher Recommended, 4GB minimum
  • 256GB Hard drive or higher recommended, 128GB minimum
  • 11” Monitor: Touch Screen highly Recommended
  • Five (5) hour rated battery life
  • Integral or attachable keyboard
  • Integrated touchpad or attachable mouse
Important note: You do not need to purchase the Microsoft Office365 Suite. Students will be given access to the suite during their time at Father Ryan High School.

Student Computer Use at School

Students will be required to take their computers to class each day unless a teacher directs them otherwise. All students are responsible for bringing their laptops to school fully charged each day. With proper power settings, a fully charged laptop will be able to last an entire school day. Students will not have access to power outlets in classrooms. When a computer is not being used for class, it is to be closed or put away. Teachers will be designing lessons and classroom activities based on students having access to their laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is 2 to 1?

    In surveying our students and families in 2013, we found that 83% of our students have multiple technologies. Many of our teachers already allow students to use their smartphones, Kindles and other devices. While the school will deploy and use a main device as described below, students, at the discretion of the classroom teacher, may be allowed to use supplemental technologies but will not be required to do so. Hence the name 2 to 1.
  • Q. Does the school have the infrastructure needed for the digital learning environment?

    The school has spent significant time over the last 2 years building up the technology infrastructure on the campus to prepare for the transition. We will make adjustments as needed throughout the year to the wireless Internet system. Internet bandwidth will steadily increase in our school as students and teachers take full advantage of the comprehensive digital resources.
  • Q. What if we do not have Internet access at home?

    The school library, with full Internet access, is open Monday through Friday for student use from 7:15 am to 5:30 pm on regular school days. In addition, if a student has an assigned study hall, internet access will be available during this time frame. As an additional resource, families who believe they may need financial assistance may find this resource helpful: http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/Internet/comcast-broadband-opportunity-program/
  • Q. If we have not purchased a device, do you recommend a specific provider?

    While we will not require a specific manufacturer, the school is currently working with Dell to provide a streamlined buying option for the students/parents. The Dell online store provides a list of devices that meet the minimum specification as approved by the school. It is our hope that such a partnership will provide your family with another avenue of purchasing the necessary technology.

    You can purchase your computer at a local retail store or online through Dell. Dell will give a 3% discount on all purchases through this site. To order through Dell please visit: www.dell.com/mpp/fatherryan and click "recommended configurations" to browse the options with our minimum specifications. Other brands to consider are Lenove, Acer, Asus and Microsoft.
  • Q. How will this digital implementation affect our students?

    Father Ryan’s vision is to focus on an increased level of student engagement both inside and outside of the classroom. The learning day for students can be increased beyond the school day. The curriculum can be much more current and linking to core standards will be more direct. In some subjects students will be able to choose digital textbooks as part of the school’s major effort to better prepare them for college and careers with digital learning.
  • Q. How will the devices be used in the school?

    The school is anticipating a variety of ways in which the devices will be used:
    • As an organizational tool - the student will have books, notes, assignments, agendas, schedules, written work, presentations, and other materials on the devices.
    • Instant access - students will be able to access the digital materials provided by teachers and other sources, whenever they have their device with them. Since the school has a robust Wi-Fi network, students will be able to access Internet information in their classrooms rather than having to relocate to one of the computer labs.
    • As a collaborative tool - the device will enable students to work with peers/teachers in a variety of ways and to share knowledge and information, both during school and afterwards. There is no doubt that these devices, in conjunction with other Internet tools already available, will increase collaboration.
  • Q. How have faculty members and the community been prepared to launch this initiative?

    Teachers have been gaining the requisite knowledge for this implementation through committed professional development and a variety of educational technologies during the 2013-2015 school years. Some of the activities have included:
    • Utilizing Internet tools to enhance instruction and make student work/ production more efficient and streamlined
    • Using different devices for differing purposes in the classroom
    • Showing students how to use online submission tools for assignments, quizzes, tests
    • Distinguishing between effective and ineffective online resources
    Our first step in preparing both the parent and student communities has been the implementation of Schoology, the school’s learning management system (LMS) as a management system for assignments, quizzes, tests. The knowledge gained from using Schoology will easily translate into our new LMS, Blackbaud. The formats are similar and Blackbaud is actually easier to use for both students and parents.
  • Q. What support resources will be available for students and teachers?

    The school has set up a “Knowledge Bar,” staffed by technology personnel and library media services staff, to help students troubleshoot problems they may be experiencing. While the school can provide limited support with the devices, it cannot provide support with home networks, or repair damaged computers.
  • Q. How will students access the Internet and will there be any controls regarding that access?

    When the student is on campus, all devices will be required to access the school’s private Wi-Fi network, with its safeguards and restrictions. Father Ryan already has an Internet Usage Agreement, which will be updated for the 2 to 1 Initiative.
  • Q. How will students be able to learn if the technology fails or their device is damaged/lost?

    We will ask parents to allow us to use scanning/tracking software to enhance the student’s ability to track a device lost on campus. We will also have a supply of spare computers to use for a limited time, if/when a device is lost or damaged.
  • Q. Device Specifications

    Student Device Specifications
    • Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 or Higher
    • Intel I5 Core processor (or equivalent)
    • 8GB RAM or Higher Recommended, 4GB minimum
    • 256GB Hard drive or higher recommended, 128GB minimum
    • 11” Monitor: Touch Screen highly Recommended
    • Five (5) hour rated battery life
    • Integral or attachable keyboard
    • Integrated touchpad or attachable mouse
  • Q. Will Macs work with the technology environment at Father Ryan?

    The choice of being a Windows platform school was made based on research, family surveys at the beginning of the process, and cost effectiveness for our families. When surveyed in 2013, 83.8% of our families indicated they had Windows computers. Students without Windows computers will run into significant issues with school network connections, and there will be no ability to support Mac computers within the school’s infrastructure. Mac computers operate on different platform, and, therefore, are not acceptable. Teachers all have Windows computers, and all technology labs are Windows based.
  • Q. Will every course have digital textbooks? Can parents purchase a textbook for a class with a digital text for a student?

    You will notice through the textbook purchase process that over 40% of our textbooks this year are in digital format. This will increase each year, due to lower costs, broader and more comprehensive instructional content, and less heavy objects for students to carry, to cite a few reasons.
  • Q. Will we have to purchase all online textbooks?

    Online textbooks will be rolled out the 2015-16 academic year on a staggered basis. Depending upon the course and content, some books may retain the print option. The digital textbooks tend to be most current and have the most interactive content.