I once heard Father Michael Martin pose this question: if you could choose one quality for your children’s future, which of the following would you select? That they be smart, that they be rich, that they be happy, or that they be good? In most cases, people select happiness for their children, and who would blame them? Father Michael pointed out that sadly, being good is seen as secondary to being happy, when in fact, we know that often, what makes you happy may not be good and being good may not bring you happiness.

At Father Ryan High School, we strive to create an environment where our young men and women grow in goodness first. To be good in God’s eyes; to be a good student; to be a good musician or athlete–these are the goods in which young people should grow. While we don’t always get it right, we are focused on the right goal. Happiness is fleeting, goodness lasts forever.

We believe in holding our young men and women to a high vision of who they can become. We don’t model that perfectly, but our goal remains clear–the example of Jesus Christ is the only standard worth striving for.

I invite you to discover more about what Father Ryan has to offer your family. A place where you and your children will be known and loved. A place with a tradition of Faith, Knowledge, Service since 1925.

Jim McIntyre

Meet the Leadership Team

List of 8 members.

  • James McIntyre 

    Chief Executive Officer/President
  • Paul Davis 81

    Chief Operating Officer/Principal
  • Connie Steinmetz 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jennifer Anton 

    Academic Dean
  • Michael La Haie 

    Dean of Students
  • Elizabeth (Coyle) Elfers 02

    Dean of Campus Ministry and Student Life
  • Devin DeLaughter 

    Director of Athletics
  • Stuart Magness 95

    Assistant Dean of Students