Honoring Our Veterans

Each year in November, on the Friday that falls nearest to Veterans Day, Father Ryan hosts a Veterans Breakfast. This event, which is always so inspiring and special, features a veteran from our community as the keynote speaker and sees veterans from our area gather for a great meal and an even better time.

This year, due to the pandemic, we've had to replace this in-person event with a virtual salute. Every veteran in our community for whom we had records - alumni, parents, and grandparents - received a care package with a Father Ryan face mask and an American flag pin. They were asked to send in photos of themselves in the masks, and you can view the photos here

Earlier today, all of these veterans received an email from President Jim McIntyre with a special video message, thanking them for their service. You can view this video, and a few others, by clicking here

To all who have served, we thank you. You are true heroes.