Message from Father Ryan

Dear Father Ryan Community,
Recent events have demonstrated yet again how this nation’s long legacy of racism perpetuates a system that diminishes and even destroys the lives of Black people and other people of color. These events have brought a renewed focus to the role we all must play in confronting racism. Our humanity and Catholic social teaching demand that each of us work for the dignity of every human being as a child of God and a part of this world community.  
We are in the process of implementing our strategic plan, adopted last year, and its particular initiatives of enhanced inclusiveness and a deeper student experience. Our community recognizes that we need to look at our school and ourselves to make sure we demonstrate an inclusive environment for Black students and other students of color. The Father Ryan community, in collaboration with the Diocese of Nashville and its leadership, is committed to doing the work necessary to make this initiative a reality. 
To help guide us as we move forward, we have partnered with Derek Young, president of YMG Enterprises, LLC, a respected and experienced Nashville-based diversity and inclusivity consultant.  With his help, we have begun to identify a process for our work that begins with listening to representatives of our community. We will communicate specific information on this process and its steps in the next few weeks.
All of this is happening as we determine how to reopen our school in the midst of a pandemic. As we work towards reopening in this time of uncertainty, the leadership team will also continue to address the issues facing our nation and our school. Our goal is to create effective and lasting solutions - ones that emerge from an informed and thoughtful process, ones that will help prevent racism on our campus. 
Jim McIntyre                         Paul Davis '81
President                                 Principal