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Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 and Nashville's efforts to prevent the virus from spreading rampantly as it has in other cities, Dr. Shindana Feagins and Dr. Robert Labadie, both members of Father Ryan's Medical Advisory Comittee, are playing crucial roles in helping and informing the community. 

Dr. Feagins warns that a carefree attitude, especially among young and otherwise healthy individuals, could further exacerbate the virus' spread in the community.  

Dr. Labadie says he's more concerned than he's been in his career about the virus' spread and impact, and he's stressing the importance of staying home, as well as the need for personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. He's working with engineering students at Vanderbilt to get more masked produced

These are unprecedented times, but we're proud to have members of the Father Ryan community playing a role in making our city, and country, safer.

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