Joejuan Williams is Making Professional Money and Even More Professional Choices

Joejuan Williams, who attended and played football at Father Ryan from 2012-2014, is enjoying life in the NFL as a member of the New England Patriots. After being drafted 45th overall in this year's NFL Draft, held in his hometown of Nashville, TN, Joejuan signed a lucrative rookie contract. But as a recent Boston Globe feature on him reveals, Joejuan isn't splurging on fast cars and cool clothes.

Thanks to the personal finance class he took at Father Ryan, which is still taught by Mr. Greg Carson, Joejuan knows how invaluable it is to save and invest money. The class introduced Joejuan "to the basics of investing and retirement planning. He learned about hedge funds, 401(k) plans, certificates of deposit, and Roth IRAs. He learned how to budget and how to file a tax refund. He learned, most importantly, how to make smart choices."

The only large purchase Joejuan is looking to make anytime soon? He wants to buy his mother a home, something that has been a lifelong dream of his. Beyond that, he plans to enjoy watching his money grow, as well as educating inner city youth on financial literacy and investing. 

Click here to read the article on Joejuan, written by Nicole Yang for the Boston Globe