Detangling Our Digital Lives: A Free and Informative Talk

Father Ryan is excited to welcome Pete Dunlap, founder of the Digital Detangler, to campus on Monday, November 11. Pete will speak at 6:30pm in the Center for the Arts, and the event is free and open to all. His talk will touch on the role that digital devices play in our lives - and how to find the right balance with them- while still enjoying the benefits.
Pete has spent the last decade immersed in the worlds of education and technology. After completing undergraduate work in Physics and a Masters in Science Education, Pete became an international teacher, living and working in the UK, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Ecuador.
His experiences involved public and independent institutions with students of widely varying motivations and backgrounds. Returning to the States, he began a career as a software engineer, working on apps in education, healthcare, and the gig economy. During this time, he became increasingly concerned about the distractions he and his coworkers were facing. After his first daughter died after a full-term pregnancy, he reevaluated his priorities and began dedicating himself full-time to helping universities and corporations improve digital productivity and mental health through transformed digital environments.
Recently, he was named The Moth’s Nashville StorySlam Champion for his storytelling ability. He's also been featured on the local news, radio and several podcasts, and has consulted with software startups for his expertise in the tech and wellness fields. Pete has established himself as a leading voice in the movement for more humane technology, as the creator of ScrollStopper (a Chrome extension), as an award-winning author of Digital Detangler: A Guide to Mindful Technology Use, and a meditation teacher on Insight Timer.