Thomas Merton

“Spiritual direction is a continuous process of formation and guidance, in which a Christian is led and encouraged in his special vocation”

Spiritual Direction and Vocational Discernment

Students are invited to explore the presence of God in their lives through regular spiritual direction. By meeting with trained directors, students are better able to see God at work and hear God’s special call in their own lives. Students of all faith backgrounds are invited to pursue spiritual direction.

In addition, the Office of Campus Ministry and Student Life is designed to accompany Father Ryan students and families through the journey of life, with its joys and sorrows. Often, you will find our Chaplain or other Campus Ministry staff providing pastoral care: at the hospital visiting sick patients, attending visitations and funerals, or making home visits to be with students in their time of need. Should you wish to pray with Campus Ministry or have accompaniment on the journey, contact us at any time.

The Melchizedek Project

The Melchizedek Project is a discernment group for high school students who love Jesus Christ and are willing to talk to other like-minded men about their future. The group meetings are NOT meant to convince you that priesthood is your vocation.  But as a Catholic man – even if you’re currently dating – at some point you have to ask yourself whether or not God is calling you to be a priest.

Your presence and participation in this authentic discernment beginning will be greatly appreciated. Meetings are once a month.


Magnificat is a small faith-sharing group for young women. It is a place to explore your faith and where God may be calling you. 

This space is student-led, welcoming and warm. It is designed to help students better hear God's voice. God is calling all of us into lives of holiness and service - Magnificat helps female students understand this call. All are welcome.