Behind the Crest is your ticket inside Irish Athletics. No matter the season or sport, these students will bring you the most up-to-date athletics news in addition to live broadcasts and articles related to the sports.

Broadcasts can be found on LocalLive and the @BehindFRHSCrest Instagram account on which they post updates. 

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Behind the Crest Alumni

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  • Billy Derrick '18

    Billy Derrick '18 was a pivotal member of Behind the Crest while he was at Father Ryan and helped spur its growth and precense on social media platforms. Billy is currently a freshmen at the Ave Maria University and a member of their Sports Media Department. 

    He recently sat down with Austin Wright '19. 


    Austin Wright: “I'll start out by asking you how you heard about Behind the Crest and what attracted you to it?”

    Billy Derrick: “I heard about it from Coach Wilson because he knew I’d be interested in it. I was instantly attracted because of the many opportunities it would offer me in terms of igniting my broadcasting career.”
    AW: “Next, did BTC open doors for you regarding opportunities in jobs/internships locally in Nashville during high school?”

    BD: “Not necessarily but, I think it helped indirectly in a way that I wasn’t aware of initially. So, I guess it actually did, yes. I was an intern with Chad Withrow of 104.5 The Zone and helped him for high school football my junior year. I also created the College Football Kickoff Show and Dore Report that my friends and I run regularly”
    AW: “How did BTC affect your decisions for college?”

    BD: “BTC gave me a step up on many other high school students across the nation and helped me in deciding on a college immensely. Because of the experience I garnered with BTC, I will be able to step in and know the ins and outs of broadcasting in college.”
    AW: “What advice can you give to current and future members of Behind the Crest?”

    BD: “Stay focused on your goals and never give up. Just because adversity may strike you at any given moment, that doesn’t give you the right to give up on your dreams. Live out your dreams to the fullest and be the best version of YOU.”

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  • Juan Jose Rodriguez '15

    Juan Jose Rodriguez co-founded Behind the Crest while he was at Father Ryan. Now a Senior at Notre Dame, he continues to announce and plans to pursue a career in sports media. 

    Austin Wright '19 recently sat down with him and interviewed him on the history of Behind the Crest and asked him his advice for current members. 


    Austin Wright: “To start off, how did you (Juan Jose) come up with the idea of starting Behind the Crest? What was your inspiration for making it?”
    Juan Jose Rodriguez: “The idea for starting BTC, like many ideas seem to, came about as the result of a failure. I had tried out for Ryan‘s golf team each of my first three years, never once making it. After I missed the cut at tryouts right before the start of my junior year in August 2013, I approached Mrs. Foreman — who then was still the head golf coach — with a couple of ideas pertaining to how I could be more involved with the golf team, even if I wouldn’t be playing on it. I suggested a sort of manager role: someone that would keep stats, write articles about the team, just anything that would keep me involved and still around the team, which just so happened to be many of my best friends at Ryan. That second component — the writing — just so happened to be an idea that Mrs. Foreman had already started to consider. After we met a couple of times at the start of my junior year, we started to run with the idea of creating an online blog that would serve as a hub for coverage of, ideally, all Father Ryan sports...not just football. That was really how BTC got started; at its inception, it was strictly a place for online written content since it was only a handful of students with laptops and not much else. It took until the spring semester of that year before we did anything broadcast-related, and by the tail end of the school year (this would’ve been spring 2014) we finally were starting to figure out how the club would take shape. I pride myself on are having big goals and challenging myself to meet them, and on a similar note not giving up on a dream or idea until I succeed, or it has literally proven to have no chance of success. The same holds for BTC. From the start, I told Mrs. Foreman and everybody else that my aim was for BTC to be “the ESPN of Father Ryan” and good luck trying to tell me otherwise. When I thought about combining written and, eventually, live broadcast content for nearly all of Ryan‘s sports, the prospect of connecting the Ryan community — locally in Nashville, around the country, and even around the world — to the school’s current athletic events was an opportunity that I knew I could go after.”
    AW: “Next, when you created this club, what were your hopes for the future of this club and have they been met and or exceeded?”
    JJR: “Like I mentioned earlier, my primary goal for Behind the Crest was that it showcase Father Ryan Athletics to the community, and when I say athletics I really mean more than just football. Like I said, many of my friends from Ryan played on the golf team and, honestly, were it not for the articles that I wrote during my junior and senior year, I sincerely doubt that they would’ve gotten any press coverage whatsoever. So I enjoyed bringing light to some of the teams that didn’t really get a whole lot of attention. And I’m really glad to see, between the live broadcasts and the social media activity, that that seems to be continuing. What the club is doing now on social media is so much more than we did during my time there, simply because we didn’t have the manpower to be able to be that active. But I do notice what the club is doing on a consistent basis with social media and going live for broadcasts, which is awesome. More written content, recaps of events, previews of big games, featured athletes, etc. would be great to see. But honestly, the fact that I’m sitting here nearly 5 years after the inception of BTC, and discussing its history and future trajectory is really awesome.”
    AW: “Lastly, what advice can you give to current and future members of Behind the Crest?"
    JJR: “-Figure out what you love to do and find a way to incorporate that into your daily life. For me, that has been sports. So, from BTC to now at Notre Dame and everything in between, I’ve tried to find ways to be involved with sports in various aspects.

    -Find out what it is that gives you a reason to wake up every morning, because if you get excited about what you’re doing then it won’t feel like work; it will just be you doing what you love.

    -Branch out. In high school, I was more of an introvert. While I knew everyone fairly well, I really only stayed around my close group of friends. I knew, though, that going to college would mean that I would have to break out of my comfort zone and meet a lot of new people. I could not be more grateful to myself that I did exactly that starting my freshman year at Notre Dame. In addition to my friends from Father Ryan, I now have even more friends that will truly last a lifetime."

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  • Donnelly Wolf '15

    Donnelly Wolf '15 was one of the co-founders of Behind the Crest. He know attends Coastal Carolina University and is in their sports media department. 

    He recently sat down with Austin Wright '19 to answer a few questions. 


    Austin Wright: “How did you end up being part of Behind the Crest? What did you do while in the club?”
    Donnelly Wolf: “I teamed up with Juan Jose Rodriguez '15 in the late fall of our junior year. Juan had been asked to help with the ATW live streams of all Father Ryan football games. Juan's jobs during the games sounded like fun and something that I would enjoy doing. A few weeks later, Juan and I were streaming our first solo basketball broadcast. In total, we streamed 57 games over those two years. Juan and I both have a love of sports and the way sportscasters can craft a story. I also spent a lot of time with Dean Johnson and ATW Livestreams. I helped whenever he needed it. Dean did so much to create the building blocks for my professional career.”
    AW: “How did BTC affect your decisions for college?”

    DW: “Although I really enjoyed Behind the Crest, I did not apply to any school that is known for a great digital media, journalism or digital broadcasting program. I thought my work with BTC was a fun hobby. Golf was my true love. I applied to just three schools and ultimately chose Coastal Carolina University for their PGA Golf Management program. Choosing Coastal was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. My first week on campus I was hired to work as a student assistant for Rooster Feed (now Chanticleer Sports Network). I was immediately given the role of lead broadcaster for men's and women's soccer, indoor volleyball, softball and women's lacrosse. I've been fortunate enough to cover a national championship team, work the women's ACC basketball tournament, 3 NCAA soccer championship first rounds and my work has been on SportsCenter top 10 plays. This year, one of my calls was actually #1 on top 10. My greatest accomplishment would be my weekly segment "This Week's News in Chanticleer Athletics" that is posted all over our website and social media accounts. Sports Broadcasting was not the reason I chose Coastal, but it sure has impacted my experience at CCU.”
    AW: “Next, when you created this club, what were your hopes for the future of this club and have they been met and or exceeded?”
    DW: “Juan Jose and I both wanted to see a dedicated class for digital broadcasting and media be created by the time we left Norwood Drive. Although it did not happen till three years after we left, Juan and I are very excited to see where BTC will go under the leadership of Dr. DeLaughter and Coach Privett. My BTC team was well rounded. We had Juan Jose and I directing the digital broadcast side and Colin Fitts directing the sports journalism team. I think that is why we were able to stream so many games. My goal was for BTC to continue to stream as many games for each team as possible. My hope for BTC is to see specials and segments dedicated to specific athletes or coaches.”
    AW: “Lastly, what advice can you give to current and future members of Behind the Crest?

    DW: “Enjoy it! Listen to sportscasters you really like, watch all of their content. If you're more into athletic video creation-go follow College Football team accounts. Ask questions! Always be prepared! Treat every game like it's game 7 of the World Series, the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, the final minute of March Madness. You never know who could be listening. Do not rely on computer statistics and data. Make your own game notes. Memorize all of Father Ryan's rosters. Trust me on this... when you don't have to constantly look down on your roster card, the livestream becomes so much better. We want to see Behind the Crest succeed!”