At Father Ryan, we believe boys and girls learn better because they learn together. 
They succeed together. They lead together. 
Excelling in the Classroom
According to the National Association of Independent Schools, "students in coeducational settings learn better because they learn from both boys and girls. They are better critical thinkers and are more likely to be innovators in their professional lives."

"The case for coeducation might begin," notes education writer Pamela Haag, writing for The Washington Post, "as it does for single-sex education, with a mission. At its heart, 'coeducation' does not simply denote a mix of males and females. It denotes a philosophy about schooling, learning and equality."

Father Ryan is able to provide an educational experience that is customized to each student across four learning levels and 200 academic course offerings.

For our students who are seeking a more rigorous academic path, Father Ryan offers 80 courses at Honors level or above, including 27 AP courses. 58% of our students take at least one AP course.

Leading on Campus
Father Ryan's 2021 Relay For Life - completely student-led - was once again the number one Relay For Life in the nation. Since its inception, it has raised over $1.5 million for cancer research

Opportunities like these, including the House System, Peer Mentors, Student Ambassadors, clubs, and extracurriculars, allow students to lead on-campus, in a coeducational setting, while advancing their organizational, interpersonal, and team-building skills. 

Serving Others Together

Boys and girls at Father Ryan share the unique opportunity to serve others on a wide variety of service and mission trips and alternative spring breaks, coordinated through Campus Ministry. In addition, we are proud to have 40 partnerships throughout Nashville with charities and non-profits that aim to make our city a better place to live for all. The Special Olympics, Bethlehem Farms, Catholic Heart Work Camp, The Little Pantry that Could and Room in the Inn are just a few examples of the organizations we're humbled to work with. 

The Class of 2022 alone completed 10,076 service hours during their time at Father Ryan.

For the past 10 years, Father Ryan Students have been serving at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina, where the Father Ryan contingent spends a week over spring break assisting the monks in making renovations to the property, as well as learning valuable life lessons and growing closer in their faith together.

Better Prepared for College
Our boys and girls are prepared for college, and receive assistance in the college process from our College Counseling Department beginning in the 9th grade. 100% of the class of 2022 was admitted to college, and they received more than $24 million in scholarships, a school-record.

For more information on their achievements and college plans please visit the College Counseling webpage.