2:1 Technology
Father Ryan’s 2:1 program is designed to provide an extended learning initiative for our students and a heightened teaching environment for our faculty.
Every student must bring with them to school a laptop computer. Father Ryan is a Microsoft 365 Cloud-based school. This 2:1 program will not allow Apple or Chromebook computers. Using a single platform provides benefits in curriculum, planning, security, service and training, both for our students and our IT Department. Using Microsoft enables the school to do the following:
  • Standardize curriculum materials that fit the Microsoft platform
  • Use existing anti-virus software that is Microsoft specific
  • Connect users to our Microsoft printers
  • Train our tech staff on one system to respond quickly and accurately to any problems
The minimum specifications for a Father Ryan student’s computer are the following:
  • Windows 10 or higher (Note: Windows 10s NOT supported.)
  • Intel I5 Core processor (or equivalent)
  • 8GB RAM or higher Recommended
  • 256GB Hard drive or higher recommended
  • 11” Monitor: Touch Screen highly recommended
  • Five (5) hour rated battery life
  • Integral or attachable keyboard
  • Integrated touchpad or attachable mouse
  • Computers that DO NOT meet these minimum specifications will not be permitted on the Father Ryan High School network.
Important note: You do not need to purchase the Microsoft Office365 Suite. Students will be given access to the suite during their time at Father Ryan High School.
Recommended Computer Device Brands
  • Microsoft Corporation - Surface Laptop, Surface Book, Surface Pro 
  • Dell Computer Corporation - Inspiron and XPS  series with an I5 or I7 chipset
  • Hewlett Packard - Pavilion and Spectre series with an I5 or I7 chipset
  • Asus - Vivobook and AsusPro series with an I5 or I7 chipset
Recommended Places To Purchase
  • Amazon.com
  • Dell.com
  • Best Buy

Student Computer Use at School

Students will be required to take their computers to class each day unless a teacher directs them otherwise. All students are responsible for bringing their laptops to school fully charged each day. With proper power settings, a fully charged laptop will be able to last an entire school day. Students will not have access to power outlets in classrooms. When a computer is not being used for class, it is to be closed or put away. Teachers will be designing lessons and classroom activities based on students having access to their laptops.  

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