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STEAM Program

Empowering Students to Explore Interests in STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math - by Developing and Practicing Real-World Skills in Our Irish SmartLab

Irish SmartLab

From designing video games and recording podcasts to building bridges and programming robots, our STEAM Program provides students the opportunity to explore all of their interests.

The Irish SmartLab is a project-based learning environment located in the Neuhoff Library, fully equiped with all professional tools to set STEAM students up for success. With 3D printers, recording equipment, robotic kits, and collaborative work spaces, all STEAM courses take place in the Irish SmartLab.

Father Ryan is the only private high school in Tennessee and the only school in Nashville to have a SmartLab.

Students in the Irish SmartLab filming a video.

Modules of Learning

Throughout this course, students can explore modules based on their interests.

  • Circuitry
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Communications & Video Production
  • Mechanics & Structures
  • Robotics & Control Technology
  • Scientific Data & Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Sustainability

Softwares & Programs 

Over 60 different technology softwares and programs are available for students to use and learn in the Irish SmartLab, including:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Audio Engineering iPad
  • Engino Architecture Software
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Full Spectrum Laser Engraver
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Python
  • RoboMaster S1
  • SparkFun Inventor's Kit
  • Tello Drone

Benefits of STEAM 

As the STEAM industry continues to develop, enrolling in this course provides students a wide range of opportunities to learn new skills and passions.

  • Experience fully immersive, technology based curriculum
  • Succeed from student-led, project-based work
  • Develop collaboration, time-management, and communication skills
  • Test independent thinking and problem-solving
  • Explore opportunities for different learning styles to succeed
  • Understand and pursue new career paths

 Father Ryan's STEAM Program has challenged me to develop my time management and presentation skills by working on projects with deadlines and presenting my findings to the class. I've had the opportunity to study multiple STEAM industries so that I have a better understanding of what I want to pursue as a future career.

Audrey Baker '24