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Dedicated to Providing Accessible Catholic Education and Grateful for the Generosity of Our Scholarship Donors in Support of this Mission

Need-Based Scholarships

Available upon acceptance, the scholarships below are available to students who apply and qualify for tuition assistance through FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment. Students and families must complete the FACTS Financial Aid forms in order to be considered. Applicants who qualify for assistance are automatically considered and do not have to apply separately for these awards.

Apply for Need-Based Scholarships

Community Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of donors from the Father Ryan community and across the Middle Tennessee area who are dedicated to investing in students' futures, Father Ryan students have access various scholarships.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Available upon acceptance, recipients of these awards are upper classmen (10th-12th) nominated by faculty and staff and selected by the donors, with the exception the Presidential Merit Scholarship awarded to Freshmen. In order to accept the financial component of this award students must have a demonstrated financial need or waive their ability to play Varsity athletics under TSSAA rule if no need is demonstrated.