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Personalized Learning

Offering a Personalized Learning Model with Four Levels of Learning for Students to Build Academic Schedules with Interest and Rigor in Mind

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Four Levels of Learning

Father Ryan's curriculum is based in Catholic tradition by providing a unique course structure that serves a wide range of academic ability. By offering four course levels within each academic department, students customize their schedule to be placed in courses with appropriate rigor and pace based on their aptitude, performance, and faculty recommendations.

This structure provides students the opportunity to create an academic schedule that allows them to experience success and challenges while enjoying a memorable high school experience.


Course Offerings


Courses at Honors
or Above


Advanced Placement


Class of 2023 Took
One or More AP Courses

Hayes Scholars Program

To honor the legacy of our late Academic Dean, Sara Hayes, Father Ryan High School offers dynamic and rigorous experiences to challenge and develop top-performing students in all areas of academic excellence. 

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Cooperative and Academic Support

To provide education for a wide range of academic abilities, Father Ryan has offered Cooperative and Academic Support Programs for students with learning differences for more than 30 years.

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 Although I took numerous High Honors and AP classes during my years at Father Ryan, I would say that I was never challenged most by my coursework but by the efforts of my teachers and peers to always help me achieve not just my own self-imposed goals but greater and more ambitious ones. Father Ryan has a culture of success, and it has always challenged me to be the best person I can be.

Steven Vanden Noven '22 | National Merit Scholar | University of Notre Dame