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Cooperative & Academic Support

Offering Support Programs for Students with Learning Differences for Over 30 Years

Cooperative Support Program

Father Ryan High School's Cooperative Support Program (CSP) is designed to offer additional help and focus for students with learning differences.

Our primary goal is to facilitate a student's efforts to become more independent in processing information and developing self-reliant learning proficiencies - fundamental skills for a student's success.

The program includes:

  • State Certified Learning Disabilities Specialists
  • Three Learning Specialists and a Senior Licensed Psychological Examiner
  • Dedicated teachers who work one-on-one to provide assistance and specialized tutoring. 

Helping students become self-sufficient, responsible, life-long learners is a crucial objective.

Academic Support Program

 The Academic Support Program is a parallel program that provides extra assistance for students who do not meet the qualifications for Cooperative Support but still require special monitoring and/or assistance.

The primary difference between the two programs is the level of assistance. Cooperative Support students receive daily assistance while Academic Support students receive weekly or bi-weekly assistance, as needed.

Teacher helping student with homework

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Goals of the Cooperative and Academic Support Programs

The intention of these programs is to create an environment that unites parent and faculty involvement, in cooperation with the student, and to address and meet the student's learning and emotional needs.

The programs focus on developing self-discipline and necessary skills to overcome academic challenges, such as organizational skills and time management.

As part of this program, students will be known and loved in an atmosphere that fosters independence and growth. In accordance with the Father Ryan tradition, students are encouraged to pursue their academic goals and are given the opportunity to succeed beyond the intellect.

Cooperative and Academic Support Staff

Ann Arnold Headshot

Ann Arnold

Cooperative and Academic Support Programs Coordinator

Nina Annunziata Headshot

Nina Annunziata

Learning Specialist

Jessica Bain headshot

Jessica Bain '92

Learning Specialist

Lisa Patterson Headshot

 Lisa Patterson

Psychoeducational Evaluator