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Strategic Plan

Forming Lives of Excellence in the Catholic Tradition

The Father Ryan Strategic Plan is aimed at improving the lives of our student body and of our community as a whole. "Forming Lives of Excellence in the Catholic Tradition" calls us to refocus our energies around our strong sense of purpose, grounded in the Gospel. The strategic goals that will guide us as we implement this five-year plan are detailed below. We invite you to read through them to learn more.

Further Mission-Based and Faith-Centered Education

Develop spiritual servant-leaders with a global view and a thirst for inquiry, creativity, and problem solving while challenging students to reach their full potential.

  • Cultivate full potential in spiritual, academic, and personal realms for all students to build lifelong, faithful servant-leaders.
  • Reflect our faith tradition and values in all disciplines of our curriculum.
  • Develop a plan for faculty and staff of integrated support, growth, and development to sustain our culture of faith and our mission.

Deepen the Father Ryan Experience 

Create sustainable models to enhance and innovate within our programs and engage students and families to more fully develop their sense of community and belonging.

  • Challenge students at all levels to reach their full potential.
  • Enhance the development of meaningful relationships through a culture of engagement and involvement.
  • Create an environment that connects classroom learning to real-world applications.
  • Foster an environment that encourages active family involvement in the Father Ryan community.

Articulate Our Role in the Community 

Create meaningful and coordinated relationships to broaden our outreach within the greater Nashville community, including alumni, parochial schools, strategic partners, and other organizations.

  • Extend our reach in the community by partnering with outside organizations that support our mission.
  • Raise our community profile by promoting, involving, and engaging students, parents, and alumni in the fullness of the Father Ryan family.
  • Create consistency in alumni messaging to communicate our purpose of being an example of the living Gospel in our community.
  • Showcase Father Ryan High School’s multi-level academic environment.

Expand Demand, Inclusivity, and Access 

Ensure ample demand from mission-fit students, appropriate revenue balance, and increased inclusivity and accessibility by using best practices in strategic enrollment management.

  • Explore new pathways to create access for those desiring an education at Father Ryan High School.
  • Develop and execute specific short- and long-term plans for effectively communicating with our community.
  • Clearly define our value proposition for all prospective students and families.

Create a Culture of Philanthropy and Sustainability 

Create a sustainable model for financial stability, long-term capital needs, and excellent recruitment, support, and retention of our human resources.

  • Recruit, develop, and retain faculty and staff who support the Father Ryan mission.

  • Continually assess capital and master planning to achieve our mission.

  • Recognize the growing importance of engagement and philanthropy to ensure that the mission of the school remains vital and viable for future generations.