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Cultivating a More Inclusive Campus Environment

Father Ryan High School is committed to fostering an environment where every student is known and loved, and where students of color have a genuine feeling of belonging. Our humanity and Catholic social teaching demand that each of us work for the dignity of every human being as a child of God and a part of this world community.

Given the current events in our society, we have entered into a thoughtful and prayerful process, grounded in our Strategic Plan, to determine the ways we have created this inclusive environment on our campus and how we can improve it.

Diversity is a gift from God, who created us all and, therefore, made us His children, for we are made in the “image of God.”

“We are one human family whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences. […] Loving our neighbor has global dimensions in a shrinking world.”  

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Our Goals

  • Identify effective and sustainable actions that Father Ryan High School will take to make our environment more inclusive and with a greater feeling of belonging for Black students and other students of color.
  • Identify effective and sustainable actions that Father Ryan High School will take to help prevent racism on our campus. 

Our Process

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Inclusion Events

Cultural Immersion Field Trip

Multi-Cultural Student Union visited Plaza Mariachi to learn more about Hispanic cultural appreciation through food, dance, and fellowship.


Civil Rights Museum Tour

The Girls Basketball Team visited Memphis in December 2021 for a tournament. While there, they had the opportunity to tour the Civil Rights Museum, where Dr. Russ Wigginton '84 is the President.


Racial & Social Justice Alumni Discussion

The Boys Basketball Team had the opportunity to meet with members from Father Ryan basketball teams in the 1960s and discuss civil rights then and now. Also in attendance were author Andrew Maraniss, who had penned multiple books on social justice, and Ann Brown Beatty, sister of the late Willie Brown '65.


Heritage Month Celebrations

Multi-Cultural Student Union promotes various Heritage months on campus by decorating the bulletin board in the center of campus for all to see. 


Cuisines from Different Cultures

Multi-Cultural Student Union partnered with the Cooking Club to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a dumplings making class. 


Culture Presentations

Members of the Multi-Cultural Student Union and faculty and staff participate in presentations on the impact of their culture and heritage throughout the school year.