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Swimming & Diving - Varsity


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2014-15 Season

After months of training, great meets and WINNING our Division - On a snowy Thursday morning (February 12), the Irish State Qualifers - Deming Callahan, Anna Fredericks, Dodi Fredericks, Samantha Gafford, Claire Johnson, Elizabeth Lacey, Will Neuser, Will Powell, Thomas Dahlhauser, Sam Wehby, Eamonn Donnelly, Cole Goodrum and Matthew Wehby along with Relay Alternates Rachel Spelman, Elizabeth Hoots, Cody Oliphant and Jerry Tarwater headed for Knoxville for the State Championship after a warm up swim at the Vandy pool.  

The Allen Jones Aquatic Center on the UT campus hosted over 800 swimmers for the meet.  The energy in the building was amazing and the excitement continues to grow with each race.  All the swimmers are trying to make finals with their morning swims.  The Lady Irish 200 Medley Relay team of Samantha Gafford, Deming Callahan, Claire Johnson and Dodi Fredricks swam a 1:59.43 and finished 25th out of 57 teams.  The Men's 200 Medley of Will Powell, Will Neuser, Eamonn Donnelly and Matthew Wehby swam 15th in the morning but improved their placement to 13th at night with a time of 1:39.15.
Sam Wehby got the individual swims off in amazing fashion for the Irish with his heat winning 200 IM swim when he bettered his best time by 3.47 seconds.  Along with Sam's individual swim in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:05.98 bettering his best time by .94, he was chosen the Irish swimmer of the meet.  He was determined to have his best meet ever and set an example for the rest of the team.
Other Individual swims:
Men's 50 Freestyle where all the men swam best times:   Matthew Wehby  22.23;  Eamonn Donnelly  22.96;  Cole Goodrum  22.98 and Thomas Dahlhauser  23.23
Women's 100 Freestyle:  Dodi Fredericks  58.96    Anna Fredericks  59.81  (both best times)
Men's 100 Freestyle:  Eamonn Donnelly  51.04  (best time)
Women's 200 IM:  Elizabeth Lacey  2:31.04
Women's 100 Fly:  Elizabeth Lacey  1:08.56
Men's 100 Fly:  Will Powell   58.65
Women's 100 Backstroke:  Samantha Gafford   1:01.52         Claire Johnson  1:05.79
Men's 100 Backstroke:   Will Powell  58.28  (best time)
Women's 100 Breast:  Deming Callahan  1:15.81
Men's 100 Breast:  Will Neuser (made it to finals and placed 13th overall)  59.96   
Relay's are always super exciting to watch and take a lot of teamwork for those takeoffs!  The Ladies 200 Free Relay team of Anna Fredericks, Dodi Fredericks, Claire Johnson and Samantha Gafford placed 24th with their time of 1:47.42.
The Ladies 400 Free Relay team was the same foursome and with the time of 3:54.09 placed 22nd.
The Men's 400 Free Relay of Will Neuser, Cole Goodrum, Will Powell and Matthew Wehby swam a 3:21.09 to make it back to finals.  That time just wasn't good enough for that team so they got together and decided to see how much faster they could go.  They sure did - the night swim which placed them 14th overall was a 3:19.74.  This time was 3.22 faster than they had gone all year!   What an incredible front end split from Will Neuser with his 49.20!   
Now that the 2014-2015 varsity season has concluded, I wish our seniors the very best life has to offer cause they are an amazing group and a joy to coach.  Watching them improve as swimmers and grow into the young people they are has been my honor.  I know they will come back for the famous alumni water polo day!   For the others on the team, we are now in spring training in preparation for the upcoming 2015-2016 season.  Hard work will continue to pay off!


View Division Meet Results

Our very long Dual Meet season has ended and on the 3rd of February after months of difficult training, we "Rolled Pride" and became the CHAMPIONS of Division VII. Our final Dual Meet was against Centennial HS.  Our newest "arch" rival!      
Eamonn Donnelly was the MVP of the meet.  He stepped up the help the team and swam two events for us to "get points"   As it turned out - he also got two more state cuts!  The 200 IM and the 500 Freestyle.  Way to GO Eamonn!!
The races came down to the final 400 Free Relays and the Irish came on Strong!  The Lady Irish finished 1st and 3rd and the Men finished 2nd and 3rd. These were the points needed for us to win the meet.
Scores:  Combined Team:   FRHS  188    Centennial  150
              Ladies Team:        FRHS  103    Centennial    65
              Men's Team:         FRHS    85     Centennial   85   (Ties don't happen often)
Event Winners:  Women's Medley Relay  (Gafford, Callahan, Lacey,
                                                                D. Fredericks)
                        Women's 200 IM:  Elizabeth Lacey
                        Women's 50 Freestyle:  Dodi Fredericks
                        Men's 50 Freestyle:  Matthew Wehby
                        Women's 100 Freestyle:  Anna Fredericks
                        Women's 200 Freestyle Relay:  ( A. Fredericks, D. Fredericks,
                                                                            Lacey, Spelman)
                        Men's 200 Freestyle Relay:  (Neuser, M. Wehby, Dahlhauser,
                        Women's 100 Back:  Samantha Gafford
                        Women's 100 Breast:  Deming Callahan
                        Men's 100 Breast:  Will Neuser
                        Women's 400 Freetstyle Relay:  (A. Fredericks, D. Fredericks,
                                                                            Johnson, Gafford)
A million thanks to those who came to cheer us on to victory
 As Coaches, we can't tell you how far this team has come.  We lost our "home pool" this year at TSU where we had been for 18 years.  We had to ask the swimmers to train from 5:15 until 7 or 7:30 each night.  The Irish accepted the challenge and even surprised themselves in their accomplishments.  We had the benefit of the Vanderbilt Nutrition Team (they were fantastic) who taught us how to take care of a swimmer body for pre, during and post workouts and meets.   What great help they have been and give us fantastic "snacks" too!  
Also want to note that although the state q times have gotten more difficult, this team has qualified 14!  This the is result of Varsity season training, spring training and summer training for those who chose to accept the challenge.  The desire for excellence is their bottom line.  They have accomplished it.
Ladies Team:  Deming Callahan, Samantha Gafford, Claire Johnson, A. Fredericks, D. Fredericks, Elizabeth Lacey, and Alternates:  Rachel Spelman and Elizabeth Hoots.
Men's Team:  Will Neuser, Will Powell, Matthew Wehby, Sam Wehby, Eamonn Donnelly, Thomas Dahlhauser, Cole Goodrum, and alternates:  Cody Oliphant and Jerry Tarwater.
Memories are made of this:
Deming Callahan:  "After the meet, we did the loudest cheer we've ever done. I could feel the Irish pride from every member of our family.  Then Coach Rob said we won an immediately Coach Ma hugged me the tightest she ever has and that's when the teams came.  They were bittersweet ones.  We worked so hard and accomplished something amazing.  We wanted it and we got it!  It was such a rewarding feeling but at the same time it was heartbreaking to know that it signified the end of the regular season.  The end of something very special.  Something I feel more than blessed to have been a part of.  And something I will never forget."
Eamonn Donnelly:  "I just wanna say that the team means the world to me and I couldn't have done it without their support. I don't get as much practice as everybody else so it's stressful sometimes trying to get those times and not knowing if I can. Knowing that the team is always there to support me is just the best.  Love the fam"
Samantha Gafford:  "Thanks for being amazing coaches and always giving me pointers and pushing me to swim faster!  We would never have been able to win if it wasn't for your amazing coaching and support."
Will Neuser:  "I told everyone that there was something about this years team.  It's different compared to any other year I have been a part of. It's special.  And we just proved that by becoming Division Champions!!  I haven't been so proud of an accomplishment throughout my 4 years here at Father Ryan.  One meet left!  LET'S GET IT!!  Bring on STATE!!"
Finally - thank you to the parents of the Irish Swim and Dive Team for sharing your amazing athletes.  We are blessed to be able to coach them.  Additionally - thank you for timing, running, brings snacks and all the things that it takes to help IRISH swimmers/divers be their best.

Region Meet Results

WOW!  What a meet.  Christian Simpson got us off to a great start with his 3rd place finish in Diving Thursday evening.   On Friday - with loud cheers, the stands fully packed and the 72 teams ready to go and over 775 swimmers in attendance - the swimming portion of the meet began.  The Irish were ready to "Roll Pride".
Although the Irish were not completely tapered, they swam fantastic swims!  95% of the team had lifetime best swims and Elizabeth Lacey was swimmer of the meet with her TWO state qualifying swims in the 200 IM and the 100 Fly.
"What's Up" to Claire Johnson for taking 2 seconds off her best 100 Backstroke time and to Sam Wehby for getting a 2nd state cut in the  200 IM, Will Powell for a 2nd state cut in the 100 Fly and Eamonn Donnely for a 2nd state cut in the 100 Freestyle.
The 2015 Irish State Team:  Elizabeth Lacey, Deming Callahan, Anna Fredericks, Dodi Fredericks, Samantha Gafford, Claire Johnson, Will Neuser, Will Powell, Eamonn Donnelly, Cole Goodrum, Matthew Wehby, Sam Wehby and Thomas Dahlhauser.
Relay Alternates:  Rachel Spelman, Elizabeth Hoots, Cody Oliphant and Jerry Tarwater.
Events where the Irish had top 16 placement:
Women's 200 Medley Relay:  6th Place:  Gafford, Callahan, Johnson, D Fredericks
Men's 200 Medley Relay:  10th Place:  Powell, S Wehby, Neuser, Goodrum
Men's 50 Freestyle:  6th Place:  Matthew Wehby      10th Place:  Eamonn Donnelly
Men's 100 Fly:  9th Place:  Will Neuser
Men's 100 Freestyle:  10 Place:  Matthew Wehby   15th Place:  Eamonn Donnelly
Women's 200 Freestyle Relay:  13th Place:  A. Fredericks, Lacey, Healy,
D. Fredericks
Men's 200 Freestyle Relay:  5th Place:  M. Wehby, Donnelly, Dahlhauser, Goodrum
Women's 100 Backstroke:  11th Place:  Samantha Gafford   14th Place:  Claire Johnson
Men's 100 Breastroke:  7th Place:  Will Neuser      14th Place:  Sam Wehby
Women's 400 Freestyle Relay:  6th Place  A. Fredericks, D. Fredericks, Johnson, Gafford
Men's 400 Freestyle Relay:  7th Place:  M. Wehby, Donnelly, Goodrum, Neuser
As all of you know - the real message of each meet comes from those who participate and give their all.
Sam Wehby wanted everyone to know "I've never seen the team as a whole do this good in a meet.  I think everybody who swam dropped time.  The way that everybody supports and cheers for each other is something that I've only seen with this team.  It's really amazing"
Claire Johnson "thinks one of the most important things in this sport is teamwork.  I don't think I could have done the things I did this season without my teammates"
The Irish will travel to Knoxville the weekend of February 13 and 14 for the State Championship.  Looks like "Ma", Coach Rob and Coach Jordan will have a lot of "be my valentines" and we cannot think of a more wonderful group to share it with.



Division VII Meet:  Ensworth Nataorium  January 17, 2015
The Irish are still coming off some very difficult practices, but they swam amazingly well on Saturday.  For those of you not used to a double dual format, we were basically swimming 5 teams all at the same time.  The "winners" come from the scoring.   If you look at the results, you will see in the Combined section that FRHS was victorious over USN, JPII, EHS and CPA.  You can follow down through the other results and see how the Men finished and the Ladies.  We have one more dual meet against Centennial on February 3 to decide the Division VII Champion for Combined, Men and Women.  The Combined Team and the Men's Team are currently undefeated.
The coaches usually give you the placement for each individual event and relay event but in a double dual, the results are difficult to post.  An example - Ladies Medley Relay - The Irish Ladies "A" was 2nd to USN, 2nd to JPII but were 1st over EHS and CPA and SCA.  I just want all reading this to know how very proud we are of each and every swim.  Eamonn Donnelly and Thomas Dahlhauser were Co-MVP's with there super State cut 50 Freestyle Swims.   Brian Witte is a few bubbles away from a state cut in the 100 Backstroke and Elizabeth Lacey is almost there in 100 Fly.
A very special thank you to  Mr. David, Mr. Murphy, Mr. La Haie, Mr. Forbes and Ms. B and RYAN MAN for coming to help us Roll Pride.
Our next meet is the Region Championship to be held at the Centennial Sportsplex on January 29 (Diving) and January 30 for Swimming.
Captain Will Powell shared these thoughts with us:  " The Father Ryan Swim Team is the best example of the qualities that the perfect team has:  confidence, friendship, the will to win and knowing how to compete.  All of those were shown at today's meet.  Even though we had zero first place finishes, we still stuck to our will to be champions and won the Division meet.  Watch out Centennial!"
Senior Thomas Dahlhauser:  "Since being back, I have learned two important things.  First, is that this team is a family.  We have each other's back day after day and are constantly challenging each other to be the best we can be.  Second, is to not aim for success, but instead to just do what I love and believe - then the success will come naturally."


Excel Invitational Meet Results

Women's 200 Medley Relay (Gafford, Callahan, Johnson, Lacey)   3rd
Men's 200 Medley Relay6 (Powell, Neuser, Donnelly, Goodrum)   3rd
Women's 50 Freestyle:       Dodi Fredericks           8th
                                        Elizabeth Lacey          13th
                                        Anna Fredericks          15th
Men's 50 Freestyle:           Matthew Wehby             8th
                                       Cole Goodrum                11th
                                       Eamonn Donnelly          12th
                                       Thomas Dahlhauser       16th
Women's 100 Freestyle:    Dodi Fredericks             9th
                                        Claire Johnson              11th
                                        Anna Fredericks            15th
Men's 100 Freestyle          Matthew Wehby             7th
                                       Cole Goodrum                12th
Women's 200 Freestyle Relay  (D Fredericks, A Fredericks, Lacey, Healy)  2nd
Women's 100 Backstroke     Samantha Gafford         5th
                                           Claire Johnson             11th
Women's 100 Breaststroke      Deming Callahan        7th
                                             Elizabeth Lacey          11th
Women's 400 Freestyle Relay    (Gafford, Johnson, D Fredericks, A Fredericks)  2nd
I apologize that I don't have the placement for the Men's Backstroke, Men's Breaststroke or Men's 400 Freestyle Relay.  The official results don't come through on Meet Mobile and are not yet posted on the Excel Web page.   Will update when received.
The Irish came away with a 2nd place combined team trophy.  The Men's team finished 3rd and the Irish Ladies finished 3rd.   This is our best placement in this meet since 2006.  Man - did the pride ever roll.   Very proud of our swimmers of the meet and newest state qualifiers - Dodi Fredericks and Anna Fredericks in the 100 Freestyle.  Dodi and Anna now understand the meaning of "REACH" at the finish!!  Great to see Father Ryan faculty at the meet and thanks for the coaching input, Mr. McIntyre.  I know that brought back some good memories for you.
As most of you know - the coaches always ask swimmers for quotes after the meets.  What you will read below, says it all.   Thank you Irish for the honor of coaching you.
Senior Captain Jerry Tarwater:  "I'm so proud of my teammates for performing so well after surviving the toughest training month of the year"
Senior Captain Deming Callahan:  "Over the past month the team has trained extremely hard, pushing ourselves and each other.  We were supposed to be tired at this meet but it sure didn't look like it.  There were so many best times and awesome swims, and I'm proud to be a part of this team.  I know we will keep it up and have the potential to win our division."
New State Qualifier Sophomore Anna Fredericks: "I'm very thankful to be a part of this team.  My coaches and teammates have always encouraged and supported  me.  Without their support and all the hard work I put in, I don't think I could have gotten a state time.  Being part of this team is one of the best things that has ever happened to me even though I never imagined I would become a swimmer.  It is such an amazing group of people who make swimming worthwhile to me."
New State Qualifier Sophomore Dodi Fredericks:  "Through the past year, my coaches have worked with me, taught me, and pushed me to become the swimmer I am, and to be the absolute best person and athlete I can be.  Swimming is the hardest thing I have ever done, but joining the team was the best decision I have ever made.  I am so thankful to have such great teammates, who are not just my teammates, but my best friends and they support me in everything I do.   Getting a state cut makes me feel so proud of myself and it was definitely worth the effort, but I couldn't have done it without the support of my coaches, team and family."
Finally - Concluding with Senior Captain Will Neuser:  "I haven't seen this team come really together as one before the season began.  But this team is different this year.  We come together as one to win meets not just win them off individual skills.  We all swim where we are needed to score points and don't argue about it cause we want what is best for this team.  I believe why we are doing so well this season compared to any other season is because we are winning as a team, not as individuals!  I could not see myself with any other team and am proud to say I am a part of the 2014-2015 FRHS Swim Team!!"


On December 23, the Irish Swimming Alumni joined the current team for the annual Alumni Water Polo Game.   We always play this game at the conclusion of the last practice before Christmas.  The Alumni, seniors and freshmen challenged the Sophomores and Juniors.   After the Alumni went ahead 3 - 0, the S & J's came on strong.  The game was "who had the ball" until the final seconds when Sam Wehby hit the shot to take us in to overtime.   With 5 minutes extra to play, everyone was intent on trying to score.   As time ran down, Sam made his move and scored a goal which meant that the Sophomores and Juniors were the victors!   Final Score  5 - 4
Alumni in attendance:  Clayton Webb, Dylan Williamson, Andrew Wehby, Conor O'Bryan, Shea Holmes, Conlon Griesmer, Audrey Shinar and Sydney Stein.  Ryan Dahlhauser and Ellie Wenzler joined us for lunch.
Our next meet is the Excel Invitational on Saturday, January 10, 2015 at the Indoor Sports Complex in Brentwood.

Bill Powell Invitational Results

The Irish Swim Team traveled to Bowling Green, Ky the weekend of December 12 & 13th for the Bill Powell Invitational at Western Kentucky University.  Bill Powell was the long time coach for the Hilltoppers Swim Team and son, Dan still has records on the "board".  The Irish really enjoyed seeing that record board in this wonderful facility.

Morning swims sent many Irish into finals and saw senior captain Deming Callahan achieve her state cut in 100 Breaststroke.  Freshmen Olivia Coode got her region cut in 100 freestyle and Samantha Oliphant was successful in her 50 Freestyle and 100 backstroke.  Thomas Dahlhauser got region cuts in the 50 and 100 freestyle and Elizabeth Lacey now has cuts in the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke.  
Finals results:
Ladies 200 Medley:  4th  (Gafford, Callahan, Lacey, Johnson)
Men's 200 Medley:  3rd  (Powell, Wehby, Neuser, Oliphant)
Ladies 200 Freestyle:  Samantha Gafford 5th
Ladies 50 Freestyle:  Claire Johnson 7th, Elizabeth Lacey 8th, Samantha Oliphant 10th
Men's 50 Freestyle:  Matthew Wehby 2nd, Thomas Dahlhauser 3rd, Brian Witte 6th, Cody Oliphant 8th, Jerry Tarwater 9th
Men's 100 Butterfly:  Will Neuser 2nd AND an LTB!!
Ladies 100 Freestyle:  Elizabeth Hoots 11th
Men's 100 Freestyle:  Matthew Wehby 2nd, Thomas Dahlhauser 7th
Ladies 200 Freestyle Relay:  4th (Coode, Lacey, Hoots, Williams)
Men's 200 Freestyle Relay:  1st place!!  Ok - enough for just the results - Will is BACK and this relay finished in 1st place thanks to his incredible come from behind finish.  When Cody (3rd swimmer) left the blocks, we were behind by almost a body length behind Kentucky Greenwood.  

Will never "settles" and always wants to do the best for his team.  With determination and Irish Pride he gave it everything he had.  He led the Irish to 1st place in the event by .05.  That is what you call a fantastic anchor. 

Ladies 100 Backstroke:  Samantha Gafford 4th;  Claire Johnson 8th, Gabriella Juoza-Clark 9th
Man's 100 Backstroke:  Brian Witte 7th, Jerry Tarwater 8th, Cody Oliphant 9th, John Clinard 12th
Ladies 100 Breaststroke:  Deming Callahan 4th, Elizabeth Lacey 7th
Men's 100 Breaststroke:  Will Neuser 1st Place
Ladies 400 Freestyle Relay:  3rd  (Johnson, Gafford, Hoots, Juoza-Clark)
Men's 400 Freestyle Relay:  4th (Witte, Dalhauser, Clinard, Tarwater)
There were 14 participating teams in the meet.  The Irish Men finished in 3rd place and the ladies were 4th.  Swimmer of the meet was Captain Will Powell.


View Riverdale Meet Results

The Irish traveled to our "fun" rival Riverdale Warriors on December 4.  The coaches planned this out of division meet to allow the swimmers yet another opportunity to get those all important Region and State Cut times.   Riverdale has its own pool with an electronic timing system so the opportunity was not to be missed.  The score was not even considered for this meet - what was important - the swims -  and THEY happened!
Swimmers of the meet were Gabriella Juoza-Clark for her fantastic 100 fly swim and to Alec Spychalski for his "I really did it" 200 Freestyle swim.  Both of these athletes learned something about themselves and what it takes to strive for excellence in this difficult sport.
The Ladies:  Claire Johnson was super surprised to get that State Cut in the 200 Freestyle.  Anna Fredericks went a season best time in the 100 Freestyle and 200 Freestyle.  We welcomed back Elizabeth Lacey off medical leave and she is right on track to work toward State with Region Cuts in her events.  Nikki Williams continues to improve in her freestyle events.  Dodi Fredericks went an LTB in the 200 Freestyle.  Samantha Oliphant and Olivia Coode swam so very hard and are "that close" to Region cuts.  Senior Rachel Spelman kicked into high gear with her 50 free swim.   Deming Callahan won the 100 Breaststroke event.
Now for the Men:  Eamonn Donnelly is a touch away from his State cut in the 50 freestyle.  The smile on John Clinard's face when he broke a minute in the 100 freestyle was truly magic and glad we were there to share with him.  Brian Witte and Jerry Tarwater both got Region Cuts in the 50 Freestyle.  Cole Goodrum had a best time in the 100 Freestyle for this season as did Caedon Oxford.  Will Powell was right on a best time in the 200 Freestyle and was joined by Ayers Callahan.  Cody Oliphant continues to chip away at his 100 Backstroke time.  Sam Wehby had a season best time in the 200 IM.

View McCallie Meet Results

The Irish Swim and Dive team traveled to the 22nd Annual McCallie Invitational over the weekend.  Friday night started out great when diver Christian Simpson finished in 5th place.  Bright and early Saturday morning, the swimmers headed for the pool - 6:30 am to be exact!!  After warm ups - the Irish did the famous prayer and cheer lead by our captains and the fun began.  We were up against 23 teams - some of which are the best in Georgia.  As ya'll know - the Irish never quit - with fire in their eyes and lots of bubbles following behind them, they wanted to make it to finals, get Region cuts and those extremely difficult State cuts.
Before I give you the results - Captain Cody Oliphant said  "We had the best results I've seen all four years I've been here and we had some great bonding experiences as well.  Proud of my team"
The Irish now have the following swimmers qualified for State:  Samantha Gafford, Claire Johnson, Will Neuser, Will Powell, Matthew Wehby and Sam Wehby - our newest - with his fantastic Breastroke swim.  Sam was also the swimmer of the meet and helped his 3 relays make it to finals.
Other Irish attaining a Region Cut are Ayers Callahan, Deming Callahan, Clayton Chamness, John Clilnard, Anna Fredericks, Caroline Fredericks, Dodi Fredericks, Annabeth Healy, Elizabeth Hoots, Gabrielle Juoza-Clark, Molly Mays, Cody Oliphant, Christian Simpson (Diving), Alec Spychalski, Nikki Williams and Brian Witte.
Now for some special recognition.  A lot of the Irish have been working extremely hard to become better in an extremely difficult sport.  Olivia Abrams blew us away when she took 9.54 seconds off her 100 Free time;  John Clinard continues to amaze us each time he swims 50 freestyle;  Annabeth Healy, who is finally healthy again, shaved time off her 50 free;  Claire Johnson - now State Qualifier in 100 Bk took off 1.34 seconds;  Caedon Oxford took time off 50 fr;  Alec Spychalski killed his previous 50 and 100 free times;  Nikki Williams has really learned to KICK and she took 2.75 off her best 100 Fr.;  Deming Callahan continues to take time off her 100 Breast swims to work toward that State Cut.  Gabrielle Jouza-Clark had the best backstroke swim for her so far this season and she is also a Region Qualifier. Caroline Fredericks, who is scheduled for shoulder surgery in less than a month,  came off IR to complete the Ladies "A" 200 Freestyle Relay.  She enabled the relay team to place in Prelims and score in Finals.   Thanks so very much Caroline.  Finally - Sam Wehby - do ya'll know how hard it is to take 1.10 off 100 breast since the beginning of the season?? - just ask Sam and he can tell you.  WAY TO GO!!   
Combined team  9th
Men's Team 10th
Women's Team 13th
I leave you with the quote from Senior Captain Deming Callahan: "The Irish swam an amazing meet but what is even more amazing to me is the love and support that is given and shared among teammates.  It was evident by the cheering section behind each lane and the camaraderie unique to our team.  I wouldn't want to spend 20 waking hours with anyone else but my swim team family."



The Father Ryan swim team defeated Brentwood Academy in last night's meet held in the short course meter pool at Maryland Farms Y.  The Irish won 12 of the 22 events.
Women's Team:    FRHS  104          BA  83
Men's Team:         FRHS  115          BA  74
Combined Team:   FRHS  219          BA  157
Senior Captain Deming Callahan stated  "I have never seen the team so determined this early in the season.  It was evident in the efforts and success of our first meet."
In their 1st Dual meet of the 2014 - 2015 season, the Irish now have the following Region Qualifiers:  Dodi Fredericks, Anna Fredericks, Rachel Spelman, Annabeth Healy, Elizabeth Hoots, Gabrielle Juoza-Clark, Molly Mays, Alanna Williams, Deming Callahan, Will Powell, Sam Wehby, Alec Spychalski, Cody Oliphant, Jerry Tarwater, Ayers Callahan, John Clinard, Christian Simpson and Conner Guidry.
State Qualifers:  Samantha Gafford, Will Neuser, Claire Johnson, Matthew Wehby, and Cole Goodrum.  
As Captain Cody Oliphant would say  "Heck Yes"   Way to go Irish!!
The Irish go on the road for their next meet to the McCallie Invitational the weekend before Thanksgiving.
We leave you with the quote of the day from senior captain, Will Neuser.
"Dream as if you will live forever.  Live as if you will die today!"  
May God bless and keep the Father Ryan swim and dive team - they are the BEST!




The Irish really looked awesome at the Father Ryan Relay meet this past weekend.
The Men's Team, Women's Team and Combined Team finished the meet in 1st place over the 6 participating High School teams.   Although this meet is designed with a little bit of fun in mind, the splits were fantastic.  The Men's 200 Free Relay team  (Neuser, Powell, Donnelly and Wehby,M) and Women's 200 free relay team (Johnson, Fredericks, D, Juoza-Clark and Fredericks, A) left everyone in their wake.   The other relay teams in first place were:
Men's 100 Backstroke:  Powell, Wehby, S, Oliphant and Wehby, M
Women's 100 Backstroke:  Johnson, Fredericks, D, Healy and Juoza-Clark
Men's 100 Breaststroke:  Neuser, Wehby, S, Oliphant and Wehby, M
Women's 100 Breaststroke:  Callahan, Fredericks, C, Spelman and Fredericks, A
200 Mixed Medley:  Juoza-Clark, Wehby, S, Donnelly and Hoots
The truly fun relay was the Mixed T-Shirt!  Of course, the B (Opliphant, Healy, Spelman and Tarwater) loved beating the A (Neuser, Johnson, Callahan, Powell).   It is a "senior" thing (with help from friends) and something they always look forward to.
Extra Congratulations to our Seniors on the day their towels were presented.  Captains this season are Deming Callahan, Will Neuser, Cody Oliphant, Will Powell, Jerry Tarwater and Co-Captain, Rachel Spelman.  The team is blessed with their leadership.


2013-14 Season

Incredible swims were turned in over the weekend at the State Swimming and Diving Championships.  Samantha Gafford broke the 100 backstroke record that went back to 1997 by almost a second.   Will Neuser placed 15th in the 100 Breaststroke.  The Men's and Women's relay teams both swam extremely well.   The men were 14th in the 200 Free Relay and 14th in the 200 Medley Relay.   Over 127 teams and 850 athletes participated in the meet.

Wow - what a meet.   From the 1st events swum to the very last one, the Irish gave 200% and had incredible swims.  Here is your rundown and as you read this - remember that there were 850 swimmers and 127 teams in the meet!
Women's 200 Medley Relay:  D Fredericks, Callahan, Gafford, Shinar  
Women's 200 Freestyle:  Samantha Gafford  LTB swim
Women's 50 Freestyle:  Audrey Shinar  - season LTB
Women's 200 Freestyle Relay:  D Fredericks, A Fredericks, Lacey, Shinar    LTB for the season
Women's 100 Backstroke:  Samantha Gafford   1:01.33 in Prelims in 16th and THEN she moved up 2 places in finals with a FRHS Record Swim of 1:00.51.  This swim also qualified Samantha for USA swimming sectionals.  The old record was set by Molly Flanigan in 1997!   Way to GO Samantha
Women's 100 Breaststroke:  Deming Callahan  - Right On!
Womne's 400 Freestyle Relay:  Gafford, D. Fredericks, A. Fredericks, Shinar   LTB for the season
Men's 200 Medley Relay:  Powell, Neuser, Donnelly, M Wehby    15th and LTB on the season
Men's 50 Freestyle:  Cole Goodrum - Right On!
Men's 100 Freestyle:  Matthew Wehby  LTB for the season
                                Eamonn Donnelly   LTB for the season
Men's 100 Fly:   Will Neuser      LTB for the season and great USA swimming cut
Men's 100 Backstroke:  Will Powell   LTB for the season
Men's 100 Breaststroke:  Will Neuser    LTB for the season.  Went into finals in 16th place, dropped more time in finals and moved up to 15th.  This swim Qualified will for US Swimming Sectionals.  
Men's 200 Freestyle Relay:  M. Wehby, Donnelly, Powell, Neuser    LTB on the season in both prelims and finals.
Men's 400 Freestyle Relay:  M Wehby, Powell, S Wehby, Donnelly     Great relay splits for all!
Diver Christian Simpson went into finals in 13th place but was unable to get back to the meet to compete.  Thanks Christian for your great dives this season.



Congratulations to the Irish Swim/Dive team for their 9th place finish among 67 teams that participated in last weekend's regional championships.

The Irish participated in the Region Swimming and Diving Championships on January 30 and 31, 2014.   The meet got off to a great start with Diver, Christian Simpson, finishing in 3rd place and scoring 16 points for the men's team.   During swims on Saturday, the Irish had 95% best swims and we got 5 new State Cuts!
MVP of the Meet for the men went to " I'm gonna get that cut" Eamonn Donnelly.   MVP for the ladies went to Elizabeth Lacey for that "finally got it" state cut in 100 Butterfly.   What's up went to Matthew Wehby for his two additional state cuts swims
Highlights of the Meet - Placements in the Top 16
Women's 200 Medley Relay - 9th
Samantha Gafford, Deming Callahan, Elizabeth Lacey and Anna Fredricks
Men's 200 Medley Relay - 6th
Will Powell, Will Neuser, Eamonn Donnelly, Matthew Wehby
Women's 200 Freestyle - Samantha Gafford - 12th
Men's 50 Freestyle - Cole Goodrum - 10th
Men's 100 Butterfly - Will Neuser - 5th
Men's 100 Freestyle - Matthew Wehby - 15th
Women's 200 Freestyle Relay - 15th
Dodi Fredericks, Anna Fredericks, Elizabeth Lacey, Audrey Shinar
Men's 200 Freestyle Relay - 10th
Eamonn Donnelly, Sam Wehby, Cody Oliphant, Cole Goodrum
Women's 100 Backstroke - Samantha Gafford - 7th
Men's 100 Breastroke - Will Neuser - 5th
Women's 400 Freestyle Relay - 11th
Anna Fredericks, Dodi Fredericks, Audrey Shinar, Samantha Gafford
Men's 400 Freestyle Relay - 7th
Will Neuser, Will Powell, Cole Goodrum, Matthew Wehby

Will Powell - 15th in 100 Backstroke

The Irish will be represented at the State Championship February 14 and 15 at the Centennial Sportsplex by the following:
Samantha Gafford, Deming Callahan, Elizabeth Lacey, Audrey Shinar
Will Neuser, Will Powell, Matthew Wehby, Eamonn Donnelly, Cole Goodrum, Christian Simpson
Dodi Fredericks, Anna Fredericks. Sam Wehby, Thomas Dahlhauser, Cody Oliphant
Prelims begin on Friday, February 14 at 9:30 and final will begin at 6 pm
Prelims begin on Saturday, February 15 at 9:30 / Men's diving prelims at 2 pm and Finals for both swimming and diving begin at 6 pm




At the Ensworth Invitational this past Saturday, the Irish welcomed 2 more members to the Region Team and most of the Irish had at least 1 Life Time Best swim.  The Irish Combined Team defeated Cleveland HS (203 to 185), Beech HS  (239 to 155) and BGA (251 to 46).  The Men defeated BGA (134 to 7), Beech (111 to 84) and Ensworth (109 to 88) and the Ladies defeated BGA (117 to 39), Beech (128 to 71)  and Cleveland (109 to 79).
MVP honors go to Matthew Wehby and Will Neuser for getting another state cut and to Dodi Fredericks for her "I'm only just a touch away from State" swims.   "What's up" goes to Anna Fredericks for being a fantastic relay anchor and great splits.  So many of the Irish are "so close" to those magic State Cuts.  We know the Region Championships will have some exciting races and more cuts.
Coach Rob, Coach Jordan and "Ma" could not be more proud of our young Irish.  What a group!!  and they continue to train hard and improve at each meet.  There is no "quit" in any of them.  They know how to "Roll Pride"



The Irish participated in the Excel Swimming Invitational on Saturday.   The Combined Team finished 6th out of 23 teams.  The Men's team finished 6th and the Lady Irish finished 7th.   MVP Honors go to Deming Callahan for her State Qualifying Breaststroke Swim and to Eamonn Donnelly for a 110% effort and being a gentleman that the Irish are very proud of.   The What's Up honor goes to Cody Oliphant for (and I quote)  "getting my first ribbon EVER" and that Fantastic Smile!!
We are so very proud of the Irish after the 2 long weeks of very difficult "hell week" practices.   Lifetime best swims were posted at the meet by Dodi Fredericks (200 Fr), Anna Fredericks (50 Fr), Sam Wehby (50 Fr), Clayton Chamness (50 Fr), Elizabeth Lacey (100 Fly), Annabeth Healy (100 Fr), Rachel Spelman (100 Fr), Cole Goodrum (100 Fr), Jerry Tarwater (100 Bk), Caroline Fredericks (100 BR) and Conner Guidrey (100 Br)
We look forward to the Ensworth Invitational on Saturday, January 18.



On December 23 the Irish Swim Team welcomed Alumni for the Annual Water Polo Match.   The Varsity Irish beat the Alumni Team for the first time in a very long time.   It was great to welcome so many Alumni back and thanks for coming on this special day 


The Irish Swim Team swam extremely well yesterday in the Boro.  The Ladies team ended up in a tie, the men's team lost by 4 and the combined team score was Riverdale 172  FRHS 168.

MVP Honors go to Elizabeth Lacey and Will Powell for winning both of their individual events.   What's up goes to Sam Wehby for 3 lifetime best swims.     Audrey Shinar became our newest state qualifier with her 50 freestyle swim



The Irish swam a double dual against USN and JPII on the 4th.  Scores:

Women:  JPII  125  FRHS  45

    FRHS 105  USN  61

Men:  Usn 96   FRHS  80

FRHS  128    JPII  40

Combined team:

FRHS  185     USN  157

FRHS  173    JPII  165

MVP for the Ladies goes to Captains Ana Tantaris and Audrey Shinar not just for their swims but for their leadership of the team this season and the way they have encouraged and helped the Freshmen

MVP for the Men goes to Matthew Wehby for his come from behind swim in the 200 IM and getting a State Cut!

What's Up goes to Will Powell for his great individual swims and also to Gracie Wirth for her fantastic 50 freestyle kick!

The Final Dual Meet of the season will be against Riverdale on December 12.



Former State Champion in the 500 Freestyle and Father Ryan record Holder, Sara Menke '12, now at US Air Force Academy, is selected to swim in Winter Nationals this weekend with Air Force Academy Women's Swimming and Diving! She also just got her Mountain West Conference Academic medal for being on the Academic team--very impressive!


Congratulations to the Irish who had great swims and dives and made finals on Saturday night at McCallie.  Christian Simpson 8th in diving;  Samantha Gafford 7th in 100 Back;  Will Neuser 8th in 100 fly and 12th in Breaststroke.  All the relay teams made finals.  Of the 30 teams participating, the Lady Irish finished 14th and the Men finished 12th.   There were teams at the meet from Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky.  Swimmers of the meet were Samantha Gafford and Will Neuser.  What's up goes to Matthew Wehby for competing in 3 A relays.

The young Irish were amazing!   The Freshmen have really stepped up and now find themselves on A Relays!   The team truly enjoyed the weekend, the bus trip and the meet.  Fantastic experience for a prelims and finals meet.
Individual Events:
Christian Simpson  8th in Diving
Samantha Gafford  7th in 100 Back
Will Neuser  8th in 100 Fly and 12th in 100 Breast
Lady Irish Relay Placement:
Medley Relay ( Gafford, Callahan, Lacey, Nordhoff)  11th
200 Free Relay ( Lacey, D. Fredericks, A Fredericks, Shinar) 12th
400 Free Relay  (Gafford, A Fredericks, D Fredericks, Shinar) 13th
Men Irish Relay Placement:
Medley Relay   (Powell, M Wehby, Neuser, Dahlhauser)  12th
200 Free Relay (Dahlhauser, M Wehby, Donnelly, Goodrum) 10th
400 Free Relay (Powell, M Wehby, Goodrum, Neuser) 11th
Almost everyone on the team now has Region Cuts and it is only November !!  Now for the compliment - the team was eating breakfast very early that Saturday morning at the hotel.  A gentleman came up to Coach "Ma" as they were leaving to let her know that he was very impressed with the behavior and manners of the team. 

And...the bus driver came and sat next to a parent during finals. She said "I wanted to come watch my bus kids swim. I have had many kids on my bus and these are the best mannered and polite kids I have had"  

So proud of our Irish swimmers! GO IRISH and keep that PRIDE!



The Irish swam with a lot of PRIDE on Tuesday.   Swimmers of the meet were Elizabeth Lacey and Thomas Dahlhasuer.  What's up honors go to our freshman diver, Christian Simpson.   Several of the Irish won two Individual events:   Thomas Dahlhauser, Will Neuser, Will Powell.  Many more of the Irish achieved Region Cuts.   All the coaches are so very proud of this young and hard working team

The Irish Ladies finished 3rd and the Irish Men finished 2nd at the Irish Relay Invitational held yesterday.   The "shout out of the meet" goes to the new freshmen swimmers.   We also honored our seniors yesterday with their towel presentation - Rachel Nordhoff and Captains Ana Tantaris and Audrey Shinar.
Our next meet is November 14 at the TSU pool against Brentwood Academy 


The Irish Swim and Dive team will host the Irish Relay Invitational on Thursday, November 7 at 4:30 at the TSU Gentry Center Pool.   The meet will host 16 high school and middle school teams from all over Middle Tennessee.   This is a great kick off to the season and the Irish really look forward to this meet each season.


The Irish Swim Team participated in the Ensworth Invitationa.  The Combined team finished 2nd, the Men's team 2nd and the Women's team 4th.   18 Irish qualified for Regions with super swims and Samantha Gafford, Will Neuser and Will Powell also achieved state cuts.  The next meet will be the Irish Invitational Relay Meet on November 7.

State Qualifiers as of 10/26/2013: Samantha Gafford, Will Neuser and Will Powell
Regions Qualifiers as of 10/27/2013: Deming Callahan, Thomas Dahlhauser, Allison Forsythe, Anna Fredericks, Dodi Fredericks, Reilly Gabel, Cole Goodrum, Conner Guidry, Rachel Nordhoff, Cody Oliphant, Audrey Shinar, Ana Tantaris, Matthew Wehby and Sam Wehby



WOW - what a City meet for Irish and Middle School Swimmers
Congratulations to Sam Wehby who placed 1st in the 13-14 Novice Men's Division;   To rising freshman Elizabeth Lacey for placing 1st in the 13-14 Novice Women's Division and to Gabbie Juoza Clark for being runner-up in the 11-12 Novice Women's Division.
All the Irish who trained so hard all summer placed well at the meet and truly understand the importance of all those morning practices :) - and this applies to our swimmers who participated in the Wm Co Championships several weeks ago too!
For those who were on the Irish Swim Team last season, practice begins on August 19 from 3:45 (right after school) until 6 pm at the GJCC Outdoor Pool.  This practice is also open to rising 8th grade MS swimmers.
For those new HS and MS swimmers and those MS swimmers in grades 5, 6 or 7 - practice will begin on Tuesday, September 3 at the TSU Gentry Center Pool.
HS practice is from 3:45 until 6 and MS practice is from 4 until 5:30.   HS swimmers WILL have weight training and conditioning on campus during September and October.  That schedule will be given out in a week or so.
If any of you know anyone interested in being on the HS or MS team - please have them get in touch with one of the coaches for additional information.  there will be a new member sign up meeting for HS and MS the last week of August on campus 



View pictures of the 2012-13 Season here.


In order:  Conor O'Bryan, Carmyn Cook, Sydney Stein, Shea Holmes, Conlon Griesmer
Congratulations to our newest NISCA (National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association) Academic All Americans.  Over 300,000 students are involved in aquatics at the high school level in over 14,946 programs for boys' and girls'.  Approximately 2% of these students are recognized as high school All Americans.  To achieve this honor, the student must maintain a GPA of 3.75 or better for 7 semesters.  

The Irish Swim and Dive team is looking forward to a great 2012-2013 season. We will miss 2012 graduate and All American Sara Menke who is now swimming with the Falcons of the US Air Force Academy. Another 2012 graduate, Zach Kent is now swimming at Queens College of Charlotte. We are always proud of our team overall GPA and last season we had two Academic All Americans - Sara Menke and Jack Quigley.
This year the Irish are led by senior captains, Conor O'Bryan, Shea Holmes, Sydney Stein and Conlon Griesmer. We welcome 12 new members to the team this season. Our first meet will be the Fighting Irish Relay Invitational which will be held at the TSU Gentry Center Pool on Thursday, November 8. Please check our swim schedule and come out to support Irish Swimming and Diving.
We also have a very active Catholic Middle School program. For information about that program, please contact Coach Jaimie at jaimieragghianti@gmail.com

 Diving Forms (click here to open)

2012-13 Season (see pictures here)

I need to say that Captains Shea, Sydney and Conlon, joined the team for the trip and had a picture of Coach Rob "present" at each and every race. The team members saw to it that Rob had "face time" and conversation time all during the meet. Although he was in Nashville, the "Nation" kept him with us. The Irish Nation was AWESOME! Of course, I would have loved to have all the Irish with us, but the guidelines for dual meet season, region meet and state meet are all by qualifying times. Coach Rob and are so very blessed to have had your athletes to work with.Meet recap: Other than what I said for Father Ryan -Thank you to Carmyn Cook for all the very hard work she put in for Diving this season and she made us proud at State by making it into the 2nd round of diving.
To Annabeth and Rachel for continuing to work an additional 2 weeks to help us with the women's 200 medley relay and swimming best splits. Can't WAIT to get them back in the water. To quote Annabeth " I will GET that state cut next year" :) LOVE IT
To Deming Callahan for her great split on the 200 medley relay and waiting forever to swim that breaststroke.
To Reilly Gabel for her wonderful swims in the 200 IM and the 100 fly and "best" relay splits. To Charlotte and Adam for the FANTASTIC Team dinner you provided on Thursday. We ate ourselves out of the Envoy Room!!
To Samantha Gafford for "almost" getting that FRHS record in the 100 Back. Watch out Irish Nation - she is only .56 off the record! - and for her "best" splits EVER in the relays. Loved the smiles Sam
To Claire Johnson for working so very hard to do her very best as always for the Nation! and the great splits on the 200 and 400 fr relays
To Audrey Shinar for that 26.40 in the 50 and leading the ladies on the 200 and anchoring the 400.
To Thomas Dahlhauser for "agreeing" to help us out by swimming breaststroke on the medley relay. Thank you Tommy AND for the face time you did with Coach Rob - it was very special for him.
To Eamonn Donnelly for your anchor split on the med relay and did you love the "ready room" at finals" ?? We DID! Fun to be a record holder isn't it is!!
To Will Powell for "are you kidding me" swims in the 100 Fly and 100 Back. I was jumping for joy writing down the splits cause I KNEW good things were coming with the final times. You GO Will. Yes, you can skateboard now :)
To Will Neuser for LTB's in the 200 IM and 100 Fly. You have much to accomplish Will and we are here to take you "there" By the way - GREAT split on the 400!! A medal awaits you!
To Logan Johnstone for the great swim in the 50 fr to place 5th and score for the Irish and for being the team player you ARE. Not many young men recovering from knee surgery would give up individual placement in the finals of an event (the 100 Fr) to help your team break a record but you DID. I will never forget that moment.
To Cooper Hodge who I call my "Christmas present"! We are all so glad that you chose to become part of the Irish Nation. Cooper placed 4th in the 200 IM and is an All American in that event. He swam on Saturday to place 4th in the breaststroke and become a consideration all american. He was the lead off swimmer in the record breaking relay. What else can I say but - thank you
Finally - there is Captain Conor! You had that "I don't like it swim in the 50" but you rose above it and became the captain and swimmer you are. You searched deep inside yourself and said - WE - the IRISH NATION can do this for Coach Rob - Saturday was a new day. As the leader you are - the swims began and the rest is history. Your splits in that "pink arena suit" tell it all! As the senior - you have worked regular season, spring and summer all this time with that super positive attitude that defines YOU. I wish I could capture forever your demeanor when you got out of the water but I won't forget it!! Your dream had come true - you got to be in the ready room, march out to music AND break a record. That is what the swimming world is all about and I know that Cooper, Logan and Eamonn were glad to help that happen for you.
Now the funny part - One of the swimmers who was part of the FORMER Irish record for the 200 now goes to UT and was there to watch it be broken. I sent a text and picture to the others who are NOW questioning the time - as I said to those guys - records are made to be broken and could not have been done by 4 more wonderful young men.Finally to all of you - As we were having breakfast at the hotel on Saturday morning at 6:30 am - the attendant said to me - " you must be very proud of your young people cause they are very polite, open doors, and say please and thank you" Ya'll know what I said. YES - I am!! The IRISH NATION ROCKS!What a GREAT SEASON -
Love to all - Coach "Ma"
     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The following have been selected as NISCA Academic All Americans.  To achieve this honor, these athletes must have a cumulative GPA after 7 semesters of over 3.75.   There are only 2% of all the swimmers and divers in the United States who achieve this honor.
Conor O'Bryan
Shea Holmes
Sydney Stein
Carmyn Cook
Conlon Griesmer
The Irish traveled to Knoxville this past weekend for the State Championships where 118 teams and over 900 athletes participated.
What up goes to the entire state team cause they had lifetime best swims and dives!
Honorable Mention goes to Cooper Hodge for his 4th place finish in the 200 IM and becoming a swimming all american.  He also placed 4th place in 100 breast and is consideration all american.  Honorable mention also to Logan Johnstone for the 5th place finish in the 50 freestyle and to the men's 400 Freestyle Relay (Hodge, O'Bryan, Neuser, Johnstone) for finishing 12th.
MVP goes to the Men's 200 Freestyle relay team (Hodge, O'Bryan, Donnelly, Johnstone) for BREAKING the Irish record!.  They bettered the old record by .18!!
The Combined team finished 11th and the men's team finished 13th.  The Irish Nation wants to say a special thank you to the parents, alumni and Mr. Lawson for attending the meet.

Irish Swimmers/Divers who have qualified for the State Championships to be held in Knoxville February 8 and 9, 2013Conor O'Bryan
Logan Johnstone
Cooper Hodge
Will Powell
Will Neuser
Thomas Dahlhauser
Eamonn Donnelly
Audrey Shinar
Claire Johnson
Samantha Gafford
Reilly Gabel
Deming Callahan
Carmyn Cook Results from Dual Meet Season:Irish Combined Team - Runner Up for Division III
Irish Women's Team - Runner Up for Division IIIThanks to all the Irish swimmers for the hard work, long hours and great swims at Regions. You made me and Coach Rob very proud of you!Additional congratulations to Cooper Hodge for breaking 2 Irish records at the Region Championships. He broke the 200 IM record set in 2011 by almost 5 seconds! Way to go Cooper and thanks for choosing to become part of the Irish Nation!Go Irish and Roll Pride Roll!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 The Irish competed in the Excel Invitational.
"What's Up" to Thomas Dahlhauser who rejoined the Irish Nation after rehab.
"Honorable Mention" to Claire Johnson for getting her second state cut in the 100 Free, Will Powell for getting a 2nd state cut in the 100 Backstroke and Logan Johnstone for winning the 50 Freestyle.
MVP to Cooper Hodge for winning the 200 IM and placing second in the 100 back for the first time as a Freshman at FRHS and the Men's 200 Freestyle Relay team (Johnstone, Hodge, Neuser & O'Bryan) for finishing 1st.
Of the 23 teams competing, the Men's team finished 2nd, Women's team finished 6th and Combined team was 5th.   Great meet for the Irish~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Arch rival Franklin HS swam against the Irish January 9th at the TSU pool.   The What's Up award goes to Cooper Hodge, newest member of the team and a great asset.  Honorable Mention goes to Will Powell, Will Neuser, Conor O'Bryan and Audrey Shinar for achieving State Qualifying times.  The MVP of the meet was senior captain, Shea Holmes who even after a setback from surgery attained her Region cuts.  Way to go Irish Nation!
Scores:  Women:  FRHS   112   Franklin  56
              Men:       FRHS  93      Franklin  77
             Combined Team:   FRHS  205     Franklin  133
The Irish will participate in the Excel Invitational for diving on Friday and swimming on Saturday this coming weekend.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The meet against USN and JPII defined a true team effort.   "What's Up" goes to the Lady Irish who defeated both USN and JPII with outstanding swims and more Region Cuts.  "Honorable Mention"  goes our newest State Qualifiers - Will Neuser in the 100 Butterfly and Will Powell in the 200 Individual Medley.  "Co-MVP's" of the meet were senior swimmers Logan Johnstone and Conor O'Bryan who were the lead off and anchor swimmers on the victorious Men's 200 and 400 Freestyle Relays. 
Women   FRHS    119     USN 57                           
FRHS    110     JPII  67
Men         USN  107          FRHS  69                           
FRHS 113         JPII  58
Combined Team   FRHS  188    USN  164                                      
FRHS   223   JPII  125
Extra Thanks to our divers:  Cody Hawblitzel, Joy Eatherly and Carmyn Cook for those needed extra points!
The next meet for the Irish will be against Franklin HS at the TSU pool on January
At the Maryland Farms Y, the Irish Swim team took on the Aqua Bruins of Brentwood Academy. 
Scores:   Men's team:  FRHS 100    BA  69  
Women's Team  BA  92   FRHS  77    
Combined Team   FRHS  177    BA 161
Shout outs go to 3 freshman lady Irish who through lots of hard work, earned spots on the A Women's 200 Freestyle Relay team: Rachel Spelman, Gracie Wirth and Annabeth Healy
Honorable Mentions go to Deming Callahan for her great 200 IM swim and Daniel Cosgrove for an awesome finish in the men's 400 meter freestyle
MVP of the meet was Will Powell who led the Irish with a win in 200 freestyle and 100 Back. He also swam back on the men's 200 medley relay and was the anchor on the victorious men's 400 freestyle relay. The Irish will travel to Murfreesboro December 6 to swim the Warriors of Riverdale


2011-12 Season Recap

The young 2011-2012 team was and still is full of passion and has a strong desire to win. They were a very determined bunch who made strong efforts and improved greatly throughout the season. There was never a point where this team would let themselves become discouraged or lose faith in their abilities to touch the wall first. Upon entering all division meets it was there goal to win as a team and show great sportsmanship to all competition. Under no circumstances would they allow negative energy among themselves or other swimmers. This team truly displayed what teamwork is and how a positive attitude truly defines winning!

McCallie Invitational

The Irish Swimmers represented Father Ryan well at the McCallie Invitational. In this difficult Prelims and Finals meet with 33 participating teams, the women's team finished in 12th place. They were  lead by senior Sara Menke who finished 2nd in the 200 Freestyle and 3rd in the 500 Freestyle. The men's team finished in 11th place led by senior Zach Kent who finished 9th in the 200 IM and 2nd in the 100 Backstroke. The Combined Team finished in 10th place. Ninety-five percent of the team achieved Region Cuts at the meet and as the swimmers work to achieve those state cuts, junior Conor O'Bryan is only .05 off in 50 Freestyle!  This is outstanding for this early in the season. 

Swimming & Diving Team

Congratulations to the Father Ryan Swimming & Diving team for their strong performance in the Relay Invitational on November 3rd. The Irish hosted 17 teams from across the state in their first meet of the season. The ladies' team came in 3rd and the men's team placed 4th for a combined team finish of 2nd overall and 1st place in their division. Congratulations for a strong start to the season!

Today's Athletic Games

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